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Watershed Management Offers Cold Weather Tips

Post Date:11/13/2014 3:45 PM
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                                                Jo Ann J. Macrina, PE
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Thế giới cáFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 11/13/14

News Release

Watershed Management Offers Cold Weather Tips

As temperatures are expected to dip tonight and through next week, the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management advises property owners to protect their pipes. Cold weather can freeze pipes and cause bursts inside your home. What can you do?

· - Insulate pipes and faucets in unheated areas. Remember to disconnect and drain outdoor hoses.
·- When the temperature falls below 32 degrees, turn at least one water faucet on and allow it to drip. This keeps water flowing and decreases the chances of water freezing inside your pipes.
·- Keep cabinet doors open during cold spells to allow warm air to circulate around pipes, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.
·- Customers with unresolved interior piping issues are encouraged to consult an independent plumber.

Adverse weather affects the 2,500 miles of water mains which lie beneath the City’s streets. Water main breaks occur most frequently during winter months. Cold weather, along with the expansion and contraction of pipe material due to rapid changes in ground temperatures, can trigger spikes in water main break activity.

Customers can report possible main breaks by calling the City of Atlanta’s 311 Customer Service Center. If you see water running above the street or pooling around a meter when there has not been recent rain, please note the source and the nearest address.

All reported main breaks are investigated, but they may not be repaired immediately. Crews are responding around the clock to reported issues. Repairs are prioritized based on location, number of people affected and current workload. Please exercise patience, as a typical main break repair can last six to eight hours.

For more cold weather tips, please visit our website at


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For more information about the City of Atlanta, please visit http://everafterbox.comThế giới cá or watch City Channel 26. Follow the City of Atlanta on  and Twitter . Follow Mayor Reed on  and Twitter


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