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RFP-S-1200120, ATL Customer Experience Program

IFB-C-1210082, South Fork Pedestrian Bridge Steel Ramp System Superstructure

RFP-S-1200572, Towing Services for Medium & Heavy Equipment/Vehicles

CID-S-1210017, Midtown Atlanta Regional Activity Center - Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Improvements

RFP-C-1200369 Bid Tabulation

RFP-S-1200571, Automotive Body Repair

RFP-S-1210079, Insurance Brokerage and Consulting Services at H-JAIA

IFB-C-1210100, Utoy Creek WRC Instrumentation and Control Reliability

RFI-S-1210081, Automated Fingerprint Identification System

RFP-C-1210118, Terminal to Terminal Shuttle Services

CID-C-1200643, West Wieuca Trail Project

IFB-C 1200369 Landfill and Airport Slope Mowing & Clearing

IFB-S-1210076 Yard Debris Processing Hauling and Diversion Program

RFP-S-1200609, Findley Plaza Revitalization Project and Iman Park Intersections

RFP-S-1200591, Annual Contract for Dewatering, Hauling, Beneficial Reuse, and Disposal Services

IFB-S-1200619, Afterschool Meal Program

IFB-C-1210094, Ramp 19 and Taxilane A3 Pavement Replacement

RFP-C-1210031-City-Wide Managing General Contractors

IFB-C-1210106, Quarry Stabilization and Wildlife Deterrent

RFP-S-1200594, Security Access Control System Operations and Maintenance

RFP-S 1200543, Enterprise Goods and Services

RFI-S-1210074, Automated Process to Effectively Monitor Permit Compliance Measures

IFB-C-1200127, Cascade Complete Streets

RFP-C-1210013, Peyton Center Design Build

RFP-S-1210028, On-Call Engineering Survey Services

RFP-S-1210045, Airport Situational Awareness System Integration Program

lFB-C-1200621, South Cargo A, B, & D Improvements

RFP-C-1200560, Annual Contract for Sanitary Sewer Repairs

IFB-S-1200532, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Removal (Scrap Metal)

RFP-S-1200438, Citywide Security Services

IFB-C-1200444, Intrenchment Creek WRC Decommissioning and South River WRC Primary Clarifiers

RFP-S-1200575, General Engineering Services for the Atlanta Department of Transportation

RFP-C-1200604, Demolition of Sheraton Hotel

IFB-C- 1200527 Small Diameter Water Distribution System Improvements

IFB-C-1200626, North Airfield Ground Lighting and Cable Replacement

RFP-C-1200633, Concourse T-Midpoint Vertical Transportation Expansion Construction Management

RFP-S-1200185, Geotechnical Testing and Investigation Services

RFP-S-1200331, Citywide Public Records Management System Implementation

RFP-Q-1200610, Airfield and Roadway Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Construction, Replacement, and Repair Contractors

RFP-S-1200371, Limited Rehab and Repair Program (LRRP)

IFB-S-1200536, Annual Contract for Spill Remediation and Cleaning Inside Building

RFP-S-1200436, A & E Design Services (Architectural) at HJAIA

RFP-S-1200494, One ATL Customer Experience Program

RFP-S-1200416, Cleveland Ave Pedestrian Mobility Improvements – Phase 1

IFB-S-1200422, Special Operations Training Program 

RFI-S-1200550, Advance Metering Infrastructure and Smart Meters 

RFP-S-1200492, Annual Contract for Major Mechanical Repairs

RFI-C-1200523, Modern Air Cargo Facility

IFB-S-1200207, Annual Contract for Installation and Maintenance of Generators

IFB-C-1200353, Fire Safety Enhancement - Concourse T

IFB-C-1200476, Upper Proctor Creek Capacity Relief Project in Historic Vine City

IFB-C-1200477, Upper Proctor Creek Phase B

IFB-C-1200348, South Deicing Complex Ramp

IFB-C-1200450, Electrical Testing and Inspections Services

IFB-C-1200478, FY2019 Sidewalk Improvements Project

RFP-S-1200363, ASASI Consultant Engagement Services

RFI-S-12000428, Waste Food Repurposing Services

IFB-S-12003852 - Energov Branding and Communication Services

 IFB-S - 12004131 - Arbitrage

 RFI-S-1200192 - Modern Air Cargo Facility

 IFB-C-1200354 - Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations Operations & Maintenance

CID-1200328, Peachtree Corridor Phase III

IFB-S-1200385 Energov Branding and Communications

IFB-S-1200378, IT Professional Consulting Services on an As Needed Basis

 RFP-S-1200320, General Contractor for the Atlanta Jazz Festival

IFB-S-1200265, Art Brokerage Services for 1 Monumental Artwork

IFB-S-1200266, Art Brokerage Services for 3 Monumental Artworks

 RFP-S-1200321, Vendor Management Services

IFB-S-1200167,Inmate Telephone Services on Behalf of Department of Corrections

RFP-S-1200201, General Contractor for the Atlanta Jazz Festival 2020, Sign-in Sheet


RFP-S-1200171 Citywide Digital Kiosk Solutions

RFI-S-1200102 Response Tab Form

RFI-S-1200104 Response Tab Form

IFB-S-1200216,IT Professional Consulting Services on an as Needed Basis 

RFP-S-1200005, Nonprofit Counseling Services for the Atlanta Financial Empowerment Center

RFP-S-1200062-Pre-Proposal Conference Sign-In-Sheet

RFP-S-1200062 Pre-Proposal Conference Agenda

FC-1190489,Senior Programming Services

FC,1190720, Background Screening

FC-1190584,  Wrecker Services for Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property (Stolen & Non-Stolen Vehicles) On Behalf of APD/Code Enforcement

FC-1190712, Legislative Management System, Support and Maintenance

FC-1190730- Sign In Sheet

 FC-10725, Fire Station No. 22 Construction

FC-1190009, Airfield Repairs 2018/19/20

FC-1190010, Food & Beverage Hybrid Rental Car Center at H-JAIA

FC-1190011, 2019 Atlanta Jazz Festival Waste Management

FC-1190014, 2019 Atlanta Jazz Festival Electrical Services

FC-1190015, ATL Customer Experience Program

FC-1190031, Collier Rd Outfall Sewer Improvements Phase 1 & 2


FC-1190036, 2019 Atlanta Jazz Festival Tents, Tables, and Chairs

FC-1190043, 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan & 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

FC-1190065, Street Resurfacing and Associated Street Maintenance

FC-1190070, Towing Services for Medium & Heavy Equipment/Vehicles

FC-1190093, Legislative Management Systems, Support, and Maintenance

FC-1190311, Taxiway and Runway 9L/27R Pavement Replacement 2019

FC-1190431, SR260 Glenwood Ave. US23 SR42 Moreland Ave. Intersection Improvement

FC-1190448, Turnkey Auction Services

FC-1190452, Annual Contract for Electrical Testing & Inspection

FC-1190453, Annual Contract for Traveling Screens Service & Repair

 FC-1190480, Language Translation

FC-1190517, Emergency Generator Installation at North Ave. Complex 

  FC-1190024, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - Chastain Park

  FC-1190054, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - Continental Colony Elementary

  FC-1190064, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - Memorial Park at Wesley Drive

FC-1190078, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - MLK at Hunter Place

  FC-1190080, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - Outdoor Activity Center

 FC-1190085, Green Infrastructure Design Challenge - West Manor Park

FC-1190539, City Hall Holiday Decorations

FC-1190540, DPW Street Resurfacing Group 1 (North)

FC-1190541, DPW Street Resurfacing Group 2 (South)

FC-1190548, GC Services for Limited Housing Rehab and Storefront Improvement

FC-1190564, COA Solid Waste & Wastewater Disposal Services

FC-1190648, SCADA Upgrades and Maintenance Plan

FC-1190045, Lower Proctor Creek Sewer Improvements

FC-1190542, LMIG Street Resurfacing Project

FC-1190042, West Are Water Quality Control Facility Improvements

FC-1190613, Campbellton Road Sidewalk Improvement Project

FC-1190515, Lindbergh Armour Major Plan

FC-1190480, Language Translation 

FC-1190004, Chattahoochee River Intake Pump Station

FC-1190722, Public Safety Psychological Services 

FC-1190552, North Fork Peachtree Creek Storage Tank and Pump Station

FC-1190553, Janitorial Services

FC-1190659, RMC-WRC Digester Improvements and Rehab, Phase I

FC-1190623, Anderson Avenue Sidewalk Project

FC-1190703, HVAC Water Treatment Program

FC-1190729, Peachtree Street Redesign Study

RFP-S-1190743, Ground Lease and Developments

RFP-S-1190744, Ground Lease and Developments 

RFP-S-1190745, Ground Lease and Developments

RFP-S-1190746, Ground Lease and Developments

FC-1190579, Airfield Repairs 19/20

FC-1190592, Street Hot in Place Recycling Maintenance Activities

FC-1190553, Janitorial Services Tabulation Sheet

FC-1190730- Pre-Proposal Conf. Sign In Sheet

FC-1190762, GC Services for Limited Housing Rehab and Storefront Improvement Programs

FC-1190058, Operations and Management of Common Use Facilities and Equipment

FC-1190703 HVAC Water Treatment

FC-1190757 Sanitary Sewer Systems O & M

FC-1200003, Out of School Programming Svcs (Non Profit)


FC-1200003 Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet (Vendor)

FC-1200033 Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet (Vendor)


FC-1200040, Appraisal Services for Westside Trail Project

FC-1200041, Appraisal Services for Battle of Atlanta Trail Enhancement

FC-1200044 Food and Beverage Hybrid RCC Pre-Proposal Sign-In Sheet

FC-1200046, City Hall Holiday Decorations

FC-1200049, Annual Contract for Bill Printing Services

IFB-C-1200060, 2019 LMIG Street Resurfacing Project 

RFP-S-1200062, Trinity Avenue Lot Redevelopment for Mixed-Income Housing 

RFP-S-1200078, North Folk Peachtree Creek Storage Tank and Pump Station

FC-1190624, Annual Contract for Stream Stabilizer and Restoration

FC-1190757 Sanitary Sewer Systems Operation & Maintenance O & M

FC-1200044, Food and Beverage Hybrid RCC

FC-1200079, Real Estate Appraisal Services

FC-1200100, Background Screening

CID-1200151, West Wieuca Trail

FC- 1200034, North Airfield Ground Lighting Cable Replacement

FC-1200037, Small A & E Design Services

FC-119075, Exterior Grounds Landscape & Maintenance Services (Off-Airport)

IFB-1200032, Maintenance Agreement for Permeable Pavers

FC-1190058, Operation and Management of Common Use Facilities and Equipment

RFP-S-1200043, North and Southwest Commuter Management Study

FC-1200061, Electrical Testing and Inspection Services

IFB-C-1200068, Hot in Place Recycling Maintenance Activities

IFB-C, 1200084, Asphaltic Concrete Pavement Milling and Resurfacing

FC-1200097, Automotive Body & Repair Services

1190754 Exterior Grounds Landscape & Maintenance Services (Off-Airport) Services

FC-1190482, Comprehensive Analysis of Fire and EMS Service for Creation of a Standard of Response Coverage

IFB-C-1200105, South Deicing Complex Support Facilities

RFP-S-1200155, Concessions Secret Shopping & Pricing Compliance Services

IFB-C-1200134, Domestic Terminal Pedestrian and Traffic Signalization

RFP-S-1200138, Tennis Centers - Management, Maintenance and Capital

RFP-S-1200152, ATL Customer Experience Program

RFP-S-1200176, Pre-Employment Physical Provider

IFB-C-1200177, Annual Pavement Marking Contract

IFB-C-1200077, South Security Checkpoint Expansion

IFB-C-1200186, East Area Water Quality Control Facility (EAWQCF) Improvements 

RFI-S-1200192, Modern Air Cargo Facility

IFB-C-1200193, Resurfacing, Intersection, Signals Work Combo

IFB-C-1200194, Unpaved Roads - Braeburn Drive, Hirsch Street, Main Street, Marktwo Place

IFB-S-1200202, Forensic Audit Services

IFB-C-1200204, Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon & Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Installation

RFP-S-1200206, Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems

IFB-C-1200212, Installation of Traffic Calming Measures

RFP-S-1200251, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #1

RFP-S-1200252, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #2

RFP-S-1200253, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #3

RFP-S-1200254, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #4

RFP-S-1200255, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #5

RFP-S-1200256, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #6

RFP-S-1200257, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #7

RFP-S-1200258, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #8

RFP-S-1200259, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #9

RFP-S-1200260, Food & Beverage 2020 Concessions Package #10

IFB-C-1200270, Chattahoochee River Intake Pump Station

RFP-S-1200275, Turnkey Auction Services

IFB-S-1200276, Exterior Grounds Maintenance

RFP-S-1200282, GI Design Challenge Continental Colony Elementary

RFP-S-1200287, Operations and Management of Common Use Facilities and Equipment

IFB-C-1200289, South Security Checkpoint Expansion

IFB-C-1200292, Ramp 19 & Taxilane A3 Pavement Replacement

RFP-S-1200311, Architectural, Engineering, Design and Construction Management Services for the DWM

RFP-S-1200317, Festival Management Services

CID-1200323, Midtown Atlanta Regional Activity Center - Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Improvements

RFP-S-1200383, North and Southwest Commuter Traffic Management Study

IFB-C-1200348, South Deicing Complex Ramp

IFB-C-1200349, West Economy Parking Lot Water Relocations

IFB-C-1200354, Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations O&M 

RFQ-1200407, Demolition Services for Sheraton Hotel



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