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The Concept Review Committee (CRC) is a pre-submission meeting program designed to assist customers in navigating the City’s development processes. It serves as an opportunity for customers to meet with representatives from the City’s plan review agencies at the forefront of the project design stage to refine plans and scope in an open and organized format. The CRC will save time for both the applicant and the City, by highlighting challenges and clarifying processes ahead of submission thereby reducing the number of follow-ups and streamlining the overall review process. The CRC is not meant to extend the timeline or apply additional regulations, rather it is intended to provide technical feedback prior to beginning the entitlement and permitting process. Read More in the CRC Fact Sheet


Prior to any land entitlement reviews and respective submittals to the Department of City Planning, a CRC consultation should occur for the below:
  • Subdivisions
  • Re-zonings
  • Projects tagged by DCP staff or as requested by applicants



The CRC will meet the second and fourth Friday of each month from 9:00a-12:00p. Agendas are anticipated to hold around 8 concept review projects with discussions lasting approximately 20 minutes. The filing deadline is noted on the schedule.

**While City Hall is closed, meetings are being held virtually using Microsoft Teams. Applicants will be provided meeting details.


CRC applications can be submitted using our ACA portal: . Accounts are required to create an application and the CRC can be found under the Planning tab. 

ACA CRC application guide


  1. Completed Application 
  2. Existing conditions: A scaled site survey noting existing topographic and tree conditions. The tree survey should  show species, DBH (diameter at breast height) and identify all dead, dying or hazardous trees.
  3. Conceptual plans: A proposed concept noting proposed building footprint, roadway/site access, grading, stormwater management plan, etc. Provide as much detail as possible to aid the conversation.

Contact the CRC Coordinator at

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