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What is #microATL*

The Department of City Planning’s Economic Development team’s new initiative, #microATL, will reinvigorate Atlanta’s public realm by transforming underused spaces into hosts for microenterprises, including  vending operators.

#microATL is a fusion of business development, workforce training and placemaking, that is rooted in addressing the systemic barriers microenterprises face while strengthening the vibrancy of Atlanta’s unique neighborhoods. Microenterprises foster thriving communities by paving a way for Atlanta’s small businesses to grow, create jobs and diversify retail  options.

Through #microATL, the City of Atlanta is shifting away from the traditional view of vending as a transactional occurrence and towards vending s modern tool for economic growth.

Learn more about #microATL here.

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What is the #microATL Taskforce?

The City of Atlanta recognizes that collaboration often fosters greater results, for that reason, in August of 2018, it launched the #microATL taskforce. The taskforce was comprised of industry leaders with subject matter expertise spanning a wide range of sectors, including economic development, retail, business planning education, workforce development, and other subjects that impact vending.

Thế giới cáLed by the Department of City Planning Economic Development team and the selected consulting firm, NP Voice, the taskforce convened for seven months and generated meaningful solutions and strategies around a pilot program, community outreach and resource development.

Thế giới cáAdditionally, the taskforce evaluated the efficacy of the public vending program and ultimately produced a final report containing recommendations. The report is meant to align with future City of Atlanta legislation aimed at supporting small and micro-business ecosystems.

Click here to see a summary of the #microATL taskforce.


How Can I Get Involved*

Though the Taskforce is a critical piece of the #microATL initiative, public input is invaluable to its success.. Please email the project team at vending@atlantaga.gov  to be added to our contact list.

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