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  • Include four (4) complete sets of architectural/structural plans.
  • All buildings described in these plans shall be designed in compliance with the current applicable
    codes along with revisions and amendments.
  • Two (2) copies of hydrology study (if applicable)
  • Two (2) copies of any pertinent ordinances (rezoning), special use permits, special administrative
    permits, variances or other documents relating to zoning approval, if applicable.
  • Include nine (9) separate Site Plans including tree inventory/removal/replacement plans. Plans
    must be sealed by a Georgia licensed land surveyor. If no trees are impacted include two
    photos from different angles.
  • Include the notarized Cost of Construction form.

For more information, visit the Bureau of Buildings .

Thế giới cáThe intake process is the stage in which the permit application is created. During this stage, all drawings are submitted for approval for review and approval.

The following link includes the checklist for new single family residences.

Thế giới cáA permit fee of $5.00 per $1,000.00 of valuation; or $50.00 whichever is greater, shall be paid. No permit is valid until such fees have been paid to the City of Atlanta and validated by Bureau of Treasury.

  • A reinspection fee of $50.00 shall be imposed for each reinspection once a written notice has been issued requiring the correction of inferior work.
  • All building construction begun prior to the issuance of a permit will result in doubled permit fees. Fees are not to exceed $1,000.
  • Change of contractor fee shall be $50.00.


  • New One and Two-Family Residences- $50.00
  • Additional Units to One and Two-Family Residences- $50.00
  • Tenant Building-Out for Residential- $50.00
  • Temporary Certificates of Occupancy-$100.00

View printable version of Technical Permitting Fee Schedule

Pursuant to the City of Atlanta Developmental Impact Fee Ordinance, the Bureau of Buildings is responsible for the calculation of all Developmental Impact fees. All new construction and occupancy changes to existing buildings are subject to Developmental Impact fee assessment.

Thế giới cáCurrent Impact fees for a new single-family residence

  Northside Service Area Southside & Westside Service Areas




Thế giới cáParks & Recreation



Fire & Emergency Service










Thế giới cáCurrent Impact fees for a new duplex

  Northside Service Area Southside & Westside Service Areas

Thế giới cáTransportation



Parks & Recreation



Thế giới cáFire & Emergency Service









Additional Information regarding Developmental Impact Fees

  • New one and two-family residential construction impact fees are based on service areas and the number of living units.
  • Properties located within 1,000 feet of a Marta station qualify for a 50% reduction of the Transportation fee.
  • Developmental Impact fees may be exempted for the construction of affordable housing or in certain designated areas to encourage economic development.
  • Projects receiving exemptions must comply with the City of Atlanta Barrier-free Ordinance. Please contact the Bureau of Housing at 404.330.6390 for further details.






Atlanta Fire Department 404.853.7000
Bureau of Buildings Arborist Division 404.330.6836
Building Inspection 404.330.6160
Electrical 404.330.6180
Mechanical 404.330.6265
Plumbing 404.330.6170
Grease Joseph Oguntoye 404.853.7838
Health Michael Squibb (N) 404.730.1301
Kitchen & Solid Waste Tina Emerson (S) 770.306.3196
Traffic Latonia Lee 404.330.6501
Watershed Management Water Division 404.330.6842



Bureau of Buildings 404.330.6150
Bureau of Planning 404.330.6145
Urban Design Commission 404.330.6200
Department of Watershed Management 404.330.6224
Department of Public Works 404.330.6501
Department of Fire 404.853.7001
Department of Finance 404.330.6454
DeKalb County Health Department 404.371.4742
Fulton County Health Department 404.730.1301
Georgia Soil and Water Conservation 770.761.3020


The Bureau of Buildings performs plan review services to verify compliance with Building Code, Life Safety Code, and the Georgia Accessibility Code. All plans submitted for issuance of a building permit must be accurate, legible, drawn to standard scale, include dimensions, and meet minimum industry-wide acceptable architectural and engineering standards. Plans marked “Not Released for Construction”, “Preliminary” and “Permit only” shall not be accepted for review unless otherwise noted for site and foundation permits. Click Here for Checklist for submission of plans for new one and two family residences.

The City of Atlanta reserves the right to require additional information for plan review analysis.


Once plans are approved, the permit will be released for issuance by the plan reviewer. The plans are then verified and finalized and paid for at the City of Atlanta, Department of Finance.

Note: Acceptable methods of payment are electronic check, cash, VISA, MasterCard, or certified check. Business checks will not be accepted.

Each site for which a building permit has been issued is required to be posted with a sign within 24 hours in a conspicuous location and remain posted for 30 days. The sign shall have a copy of the permit, and shall not be less than six square feet, with the words “NOTICE OF ISSUANCE OF BUILDING PERMIT” in letters not less than four inches high. A notarized affidavit must be filed with the Clerk of Council certifying under penalty of perjury the date on which the required sign was posted. (This posting is not required for repairs and alterations that do not increase square footage). Clerk of Council
55 Trinity Ave., SW,
Suite 2700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-0310

INSPECTIONS Bureau of Buildings conducts inspections subsequent to the issuance of a permit. Additional inspections are also conducted by the Department of Watershed, Site Development Division. To request an inspection, click here.

Building Inspection Division
404.330.6160 (office)
404.331.8901 (fax) The Building Inspection Division inspects all building permits for compliance as well as handling complaints. Building inspections also issue Certificates of Occupancy.

Electrical Division
404.330.6180 (office)
404.658.7374 (fax)Thế giới cá The Electrical Division is responsible for the inspection of all electrical and low voltage permits for code compliance as well as complaints and power authorizations.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Division
404.330.6265 (office)
404.658.6982 (fax)Thế giới cá The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Division inspects all HVAC and gas for code compliance.

Plumbing Division
404.330.6170 (office)
404.658.6881 (fax) The Plumbing Division inspects all plumbing and sprinkler permits for code compliance. Plumbing also handles complaints and sewer tap approvals.

Zoning Division
404.330.6175 (office)
404.331.8902 (fax)Thế giới cá The Zoning Division inspects all sign permits for code compliance, approves all building permits for zoning compliance, and conducts zoning research and verification. Click here for information regarding online zoning verification.

CERTIFICATES OF OCCUPANCY Certificates of Occupancy are issued by the Bureau of Buildings once all final inspections have been successfully completed and all construction has concluded. Only under extenuating circumstances will Temporary Certificates of Occupancy be issued for a provisional time period.

Contact Info
Bureau of Buildings
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 3900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6150
Fax: 404.658.6979

Don Rosenthal
Tel: 404.330.6152
Fax: 404.546-9707

Anthony Carter
Assistant Director
Tel: 404.330.6199
Fax: 404.739-9296

Arborist Division
Arboricultural Manager
Contact: Ernestine Neal
Thế giới cá 404.330.6836

Building Inspection Division
Gordon Cabanaw
Tel: 404.546.1037
Fax: 404.546.2000

Electrical Division
James Scerenscko
Tel: 404.546.1025
Fax: 404.546.2000

HVAC Division
Scott Banks
Tel: 404.546.1048
Fax: 404.546.2000

Plumbing Division
Byron Painter
Tel: 404.546.1052
Fax: 404.546.2000

Zoning Division
Ann Heard, Chief Zoning Inspector
Contact: Harriet Haynes

Roishina Henderson
Public Information Officer
Tel: 404.865.8465
Fax: 404.658.7638

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