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Atlanta Fire Dept. 404.853.7000 or 404.557.5055
Bureau of Buildings Arborist 404.330.6836
Bureau of Buildings Building Inspection 404.330.6160
Bureau of Buildings Electrical 4048.330.6180
Bureau of Buildings Mechanical 404.330.6265
Bureau of Buildings Plumbing 404.330.6170
Grease Joseph Oguntoye 404.853.7838
Health Michael Squibb (N) 404.730.1301
Health Tina Emerson (S) 770.306.3196
Watershed Mgmt Water Division 404.330.6842
Traffic Latonia Lee 404.330.6501


Bureau of Buildings 404.330.6150
Bureau of Planning 404.330.6145
Urban Design Commission 404.330.6200
Department of Watershed Management 404.330.6224
Department of Public Works 404.330.6501
Department of Fire 404.853.7001
Department of Finance 404.330.6454
DeKalb County Health Department 404.371.4742
Fulton County Health Department 404.730.1301

Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Service


The Bureau of Buildings performs a plan review for verification of compliance with Building Code, Life Safety Code, and the Georgia Accessibility Code requirements.

Thế giới cáThe Bureau’s plan reviewers also coordinate the assemblage of all reviews and issuance of building permits. All plans must be accurate, legible, include dimensions, be drawn to a standard scale, and meet minimum industry-wide acceptable architectural and engineering standards.

Plans marked "Not Released for Construction,” "Preliminary” and “Permit Only” will not be accepted for review, except as noted for site and foundation permits. The City of Atlanta reserves the right to require additional information for plan review analysis.

Once all departments have given approval the permit will be released for permit issuance by the plan reviewer. Once the approved plans are released all fees are totaled and then paid for at the City’s finance cashiers located on the first floor.

The following methods of payment are acceptable: cash, credit card or certified checks and personal checks. Business checks are not allowed.

Each site that a building permit has been issued is required to indicate permit issuance within 24 hours in a viewable location and remain posted for 30 days. The posted sign must have a copy of the issued permit and must not be less than six square feet with the words “NOTICE OF ISSUANCE OF BUILDING PERMIT”Thế giới cá with letters not less than four inches high.

A notarized affidavit must be filed with the Clerk of Council certifying under penalty of perjury the date the required sign was posted. (This posting is not required for repairs and alterations that do not increase square footage.)

Clerk of Council
55 Trinity Ave, SW,
Suite 2700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-0310

After issuance of all related permits inspections are made by field inspectors of the Bureau of Buildings. It is the specific responsibility of each trade to request inspections. Additional inspections are also conducted by other City agencies such as the Department of Watershed Management. To request an inspection, click here.

Building Inspection Division - 404.331.8901 (fax)
Thế giới cáThe Building Inspection Division inspects all building permits for compliance as well as handling complaints. Building Inspections also issues Certificates of Occupancy.

Electrical Division – 404.658.7374 (fax)
Thế giới cáThe Electrical Division is responsible for the inspection of all electrical and low voltage permits for code compliance as well as complaints and power authorizations.

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Division 404.658.6982 (fax)
The Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning Division (HVAC) inspects all HVAC and gas for code compliance.

Plumbing Division –404.658.6881 (fax)
The Plumbing Division inspects all plumbing and sprinkler permits for code compliance. Plumbing also handles complaints and sewer tap approvals.

Zoning Division – 404.330.8902 (fax)
Thế giới cáThe Zoning Division inspects all sign permits for code compliance, approves all building permits for zoning compliance, and conducts zoning research and verification.

Certificates of Occupancy are issued by the Bureau of Buildings once all final inspections have been successfully completed and all construction has been concluded. Only under extenuating circumstances will Temporary Certificates of Occupancy be issued for a provisional time period.

ZONING 404.330.6175 Top
Zoning requirements are governed by the City of Atlanta Zoning Ordinance. The requirements addressed in the zoning ordinance include:

  • Setback requirements
  • Permitted uses
  • Density
  • Height
  • Off street parking
  • Sign permit requirements

for a complete copy of the Zoning Ordinance.

There are also additional requirements for Special Use Permits, Special Administrative Permits, Variances, Special Exceptions and Certificates of Appropriateness. Please contact the Bureau of Planning for information.

Special Use Permits are used in connection with land uses, identified within particular zoning classifications that are of substantial significance or of unusual operational characteristics. City Council approves Special Use Permits after public notifications, hearings and recommendations by the Zoning Review Board. The processing, review, and decision-making time for Special Use Permits is a minimum of 90 days.

Special Administrative Permits are used where complex or unusual technical determinations are involved and/or in conjunction with temporary uses and structures when the matter does not require public notifications and hearings. Special Administrative Permits are approved by the Bureau of Planning. The processing, review, and decision-making time for Special Administrative Permits is a maximum of 30 days.

Variances or Special ExceptionsThế giới cá are used in conjunction with construction proposals where consideration of effects on the surrounding property is of principal importance, and include but are not limited t building additions that involve yard set-back reductions, construction of fences and walls, and reductions in required parking. Variances or Special Exceptions are decided by the Board of Zoning Adjustment after public notification and hearing. The processing time for Variances and Special Exceptions is a minimum of approximately eight (8) weeks.

Historic Preservation issues are subject to approval by the Urban Design Commission which approves issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness.

For more zoning information click here Zoning
For frequently asked zoning enforcement questions click here Zoning Enforcement

SITE DEVELOPMENT 404.330.6081 Top
Thế giới cá The Site Development Section of the  reviews proposed construction plans for civil engineering related issues. Primary concerns are:

  • grading and drainage
  • storm water management
  • connections to sanitary sewer, stream bank buffers, flood plains;
  • erosion and sediment control.

Note: Standard plan review fees apply.

Additional Site Development Information

  • The City of Atlanta Code and the Official Code of Georgia also requires a fee of $40/disturbed acre be paid to the City and an additional $40/disturbed acre be paid to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.All Site Development fees are due during issuance of a building permit.

  • Standard site plan review is conducted in-house by the Department of Watershed Management. Depending on particular features of the site or project being reviewed, additional outside agencies may become involved in the review process.

  • Sites larger than 1.1 acres of disturbed area, or within 200 ft. of State waters may require additional approval by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission District (GSWCD). The GSWCD staff reviews plans and makes recommendations to the District Board which meets twice a month.

  • The GSWCD Board’s review process may add 1-6 weeks to the City’s review process. The Board may require sites with unusual conditions (example: encroachments into 25-foot. state waters buffers) to make a formal presentation to the Board.

  • Work within the 75-foot stream bank of any stream within the City of Atlanta must comply with the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinance requirements for work within stream bank buffers (Section 74-300 et seq.).

  • Review by the Stream Bank Buffer Technical Panel and fulfillment of the Public Notice requirements may add an additional 8 or more weeks to the review process.

Click here for the Checklist for Site Development.

ARBORIST DIVISION 404.330.6836 Top
In order to preserve and prevent trees from being destroyed during development, or any other land disturbance, the City of Atlanta has enacted a Tree Protection Ordinance.

This ordinance is administered by the Bureau of Buildings -Arborist Division, requires specific time restraints that limit the timely issuance of a building permit. For example, where trees are scheduled to be removed, a fifteen (15) day posting period is a prerequisite to permit issuance.Should any appeal of the proposed tree removal be submitted, a permit cannot be issued until the appeal has been resolved by the City of Atlanta Tree Commission.

Additional Arborist Information
Click here for the arborist checklist.

The following departments may or may not be affiliated with your project.

City of Atlanta Bureau of Buildings 404.330.6150

• Approval of compliance with zoning regulations
• Street address assignments
• Construction documents / building plan review
• Arborist approval
• Issuance of all building permits
• Calculation of impact fees

City of Atlanta Bureau of Planning 404.330.6145

• Processes and reviews applications for rezoning, variances, special exceptions,
Special use permits, and plan amendments
• Approval of Special Administrative Permits (SAP)
• Approval of final site plans for PD Districts
• Subdivision approval
• Approval of Special Administrative Permits for zero lot line subdivisions

City of Atlanta Bureau of Housing 404.330.6390

Thế giới cá• Housing impact fee exemptions

City of Atlanta Urban Design Commission 404.330.6200

• Plan approval / Historic Districts
Thế giới cá • Review of projects utilizing public funds

City of Atlanta Department of Watershed ManagementThế giới cá 404.330.6081

• Site Development approval
• Sewer certification approval
• Erosion and sediment control review
• Stream buffer / Waters of state issues
• National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) approval
• Water meter issuance
Thế giới cá • Site hydrology and flood plain issues

City of Atlanta Department of Public WorksThế giới cá 404.330.6240

• Traffic issues
• Curb cuts
• Sanitation /solid waste multifamily

City of Atlanta Department of Fire and RescueThế giới cá 404.853.7000

• Fire Department access
• Fire hydrant approval
• Approval of assembly occupancies
• Fuel tanks
• Tents/outdoor events
• Fire Department connections for automatic sprinkler/standpipe systems
• Fire Department control rooms

City of Atlanta Department of AviationThế giới cá 404.530.6600

Thế giới cá• Airport projects only

City of Atlanta Department of Finance 404.330.6430

• Cashier
Thế giới cá • Approval of development impact fee exemptions

City of Atlanta Board of Zoning AdjustmentThế giới cá 404.330.6145

• Special exceptions
• Variances
• Appeals decisions (City Staff)

City Council 404.330.6030

Thế giới cá• Approval of rezoning, Special Use Permits and major site plan amendments


• Food service permits
• Solid waste / trash compactors
• Public swimming pools

Thế giới cá 404.730.1211

• Food service permits
• Solid waste issues
• Public swimming pools

Thế giới cá 404.656.3645

• Grocery stores, food processing/food service in covered facilities

Thế giới cá 404.818.6600

Thế giới cá• Curb cuts along state roads


Thế giới cá• Boiler permits and inspections

Thế giới cá 1.866.351.0001

• Erosion and sediment control approval
• State waters buffer encroachments

Thế giới cá 1.866.351.0001

Thế giới cá• Stream buffer variances / state waters buffer encroachments


• Jails
• Hospitals


• Childcare Licensing

Thế giới cá 1.800.621.3362

• Flood plain studies for areas not mapped
• Letters of map revision (LOMR) for mapped areas

Corps of Engineers / Savannah District
Northern Area Commercial Located in Morrow, GAThế giới cá 1.800.832.7828

• Wetlands impacts
• Flood plain impacts
• Aerial sewer crossings or roadway crossings

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS New Residential Structures/Additions  Top


International Building Code, 2006 Edition with Georgia and City of Atlanta Amendments.

Rules and Regulations of the Safety Fire Commissioner for the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards, August 21, 2003. (Georgia Safety Fire Law)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPAThế giới cá) 101 Life Safety Code, 2000 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

Thế giới cáInternational Fuel Gas Code, 2006 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

Thế giới cáInternational Mechanical Code, 2006 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

Georgia Handicapped Accessibility Law 120-3-20.

International Plumbing Code, 2006 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

National Electrical Code (NECThế giới cá), 2005 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

Thế giới cáANSI A17.1 Elevator Code, 1996 Edition with 1999 State Amendments.

Thế giới cáInternational Energy Conservation Code, 2000 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

International Fire Code, 2006 Edition with Georgia Amendments.

Contact Info
Bureau of Buildings
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 3900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6150
Thế giới cá Fax: 404.658.6979

Don Rosenthal
Tel: 404.330.6152
Fax: 404.546-9707

Anthony Carter
Assistant Director
Tel: 404.330.6199
Fax: 404.739-9296

Arborist Division
Arboricultural Manager
Contact: Ernestine Neal
Thế giới cá 404.330.6836

Building Inspection Division
Gordon Cabanaw
Tel: 404.546.1037
Fax: 404.546.2000

Electrical Division
James Scerenscko
Tel: 404.546.1025
Fax: 404.546.2000

HVAC Division
Scott Banks
Tel: 404.546.1048
Fax: 404.546.2000

Plumbing Division
Byron Painter
Tel: 404.546.1052
Fax: 404.546.2000

Zoning Division
Ann Heard, Chief Zoning Inspector
Contact: Harriet Haynes

Roishina Henderson
Public Information Officer
Tel: 404.865.8465
Fax: 404.658.7638

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