Plan Review for Building Permits

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City of Atlanta
Zoning Enforcement Division
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Zoning Chief
Gregory Pace

About Zoning Plan Reviews

All plans are reviewed to ensure compliance with all zoning district regulations:

“No land or structure shall be used or occupied and no structure or part thereof shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, moved, or structurally altered except in conformity with the regulations for the district in which it is located and with regulations applying generally.”


Some of these regulations include, but are not limited to minimum required yard setbacks, lot coverage, rear yard coverage, floor area ratio, fence and wall height, transitional yard requirements, structure height requirements and parking requirements.


Requirements for plan reviews vary by scope of work. For a complete list of all the types of plan reviews for building permits that Zoning Enforcement Division can offer, look at the Zoning section of the checklists.



1.     Signed sealed survey by Georgia Registered Land Surveyor.

2.     Survey and/or Site Plan to include:

·       Location of the existing/proposed house, driveway, decks, pool, accessory structures, impervious surfaces, etc.

·       Location of existing structures or impervious surfaces that remain

·       Location of proposed additions

·       Location of existing/proposed retaining walls, indicate top and bottom heights

·       Indicate setbacks and/or existing easements with dimensions from property lines

·       Contour lines in 2-feet increments

·       Finish floor elevation to be shown on footprint of proposed house

·       Calculations for lot coverage and floor area ratio

3.     Two copies of variance and/or special exception letter granted by BZA with Office of Planning stamp, if required

4.     Two sets of proposed plans stamped by UDC and/or Office of Planning for certain Historical, SPI, and/or Beltline overlay Zoning districts.


This service is included within your building permit fees.

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