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To create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan; to have as a purpose or intent.

The Office of Design of the Department of City Planning provides leadership for the physical design of the city. It accomplishes this through the design of physical plans for the logical organization of our future city, creation of vibrant public spaces that cultivate public life, and architectural guidance, including preservation, of high-quality buildings that contribute to a cohesive public realm. This work is framed by Atlanta City Design and driven by the desire to design a city for everyone in the most inclusive way possible.

We’re responsible for the physical design of the city to ensure a vibrant public realm and to enable landscape and architecture representative of Atlanta as a place.

Section Atlanta City Studio

The Atlanta City StudioThế giới cá is the pop-up urban design studio within the City of Atlanta’s Department of City Planning Office of Design. The studio’s mission is to provide leadership in the design of our city with the goal of creating an exceptional public realm and ultimately, a city that all Atlantans can be proud of. The studio accomplishes this through project-specific design leadership and collaboration, educational programming, and inclusive community engagement. The studio moves to different locations throughout the city to make its work as publicly accessible as possible so that residents have an opportunity to play an integral role in the design of our city.

Section HPS

The Historic Preservation Studio is responsible for supporting the successful implementation of  Atlanta City Design, the City of Atlanta’s historic preservation program regulations, and policies, the responsibilities of the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, and the initiatives of the Office of Design.  Duties at this level include, but are not limited to: providing quality customer service to the stakeholders of Atlanta; ensuring that project applications, project design reviews, staff reports, enforcement actions, research projects, and open record requests are processed efficiently and in a timely manner; and performing administrative, analytical and technical functions in support of the development, implementation and monitoring of the City’s historic preservation and urban design programs, regulations, and policies.  

For current Urban Design Commission meeting information including Agendas, Staff Reports, and Meeting Results, please go to the 'Meetings and Agendas'Thế giới cá page of the Urban Design Commission. 

Section Planning Studio

The Planning Studio of the Office of Design is responsible for leading the exceptional design of plans at all scales – from the entire city, to districts, neighborhoods, blocks, streets and buildings; these plans will ultimately inform better policies and practices to guide the physical and economic development of our rapidly growing city. These plans must thoughtfully and creatively consider how best to leverage infrastructure improvements to achieve desired patterns and densities of development, support new types and levels for diverse affordable housing options, and create opportunities for parks and other public spaces that reinforce the City’s physical identity while also addressing existing community needs.

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