Limited Home Repair Services

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What types of home repair assistance is

available in the City of Atlanta?

Repairs to your home can be provided in three ways:

1.  Limited Repairs Program: Thế giới cá  Several  non-profit organizations offer minor home repairs for free or low cost for older adults or persons with disabilities that meet the organization’s requirements. Free repairs are not immediately available and most non-profit organizations that offer free home repairs do have a waiting list.

 2.  Homeowner  Funded Repairs: Homeowners that are unable to wait for services, or  do  not meet  the program requirements may seek to hire a licensed and insured contractor at their own expense to make the necessary repairs.  Homeowners could also seek financial assistance through banking institutions for other programs such as reverse mortgages that may be of benefit to them.

What type of work is not done?

Thế giới cáCity sponsored federally funded repair program funds are not used for room additions, refinish cabinets or floors, replace floor covers, or re-paint rooms unless those repairs are needed in conjunction with required repairs. Luxury repairs or home beautification is not provided.

 What are the repayment terms?

The city funded LRP uses CDBG funds to provide an up to $7,500 forgivable grant with no repayment required. Please contact one of the repair agencies for assistance.

How do I  qualify for the Limited Repairs Programs (LRP)?

 Participants applying for limited assistance must meet the specific qualifications of the various programs as well as the qualifications below. 

  •  Senior Citizen (62 years old) or persons having disabilities
  •  Property located within the Atlanta city limits.
  •  Applicant owns & occupies the house
  •  Total gross household income vary per provider
  •  Average value of repairs is under $5,000

  How do I apply for Limited Minor Repair Assistance?

Please contact the non-profit service providers below:

 Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA)

 Thế giới cá[404.505.5599] roof and minor repairs and more

Senior Citizens Services

 Thế giới cá[404.351.3889] Bathroom  grab bars, yard work and more

 Who will do the work for the Limited Rehab Programs (LRP)?

The various non-profit organizations mostly funded by the City utilize volunteers and staff to perform general repairs and hire licensed contractors to address mechanical systems upgrades and roof repairs. Due to Lead-Based Paint hazards, no painting services are provided.

 Who will inspect the work?

The non-profit service providers inspect all work and the Office of Buildings inspectors approve all permitted general repairs, mechanical system updates and roof repairs.  The rehabilitation contractor provides a 1-year workmanship warranty on all repairs completed.

 What types of repairs can be provided?

Thế giới cáBased on funding availability, physical improvements to the dwelling will be based on the following priorities:

  • Home Systems – Electrical, HVAC, Roof, Plumbing
  • Handicap Barrier Removal – Wheelchair Ramp, Grab bars
  • Housing Code Violations – Items noted on Notice of Non-Compliance prepared by the Office of Code Compliance or rehab program manager/staff
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades – Window and  Door Replacement, insulation
  • Environmental– Lead paint & asbestos testing, and abatement of repaired surfaces

 What is the role of the homeowner?

Homeowners can help identify the most urgently needed repairs, actively participate in the contractor selection and complete a customer satisfaction survey prior to the contractor being paid. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to perform regular maintenance on their repaired homes.


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