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Outlined below is information regarding the assignment of addresses in the City of Atlanta. Due to the varying nature of project scopes, the Addressing Group has defined two categories of address assignment – Type A & B. For all Type A categories, please follow the instructions on the Request for Addressing form when you are ready to proceed with a request for an address. Type B categories do not require an application with the Addressing Team. These projects will be routed for address assignment by a City Planner during their respective entitlement review within the Office & Zoning Development process.


 NEW ADDRESSThế giới cá Assignment of a new address in the City of Atlanta for:

  • Existing Lot of Record
  • Cell Towers located on their own parcel
  • Temporary or semi-permanent structures (e.g. downtown kiosks, vendor booths, communication poles, antennas, temporary power poles)
  • Utility Points of Service (e.g. water meter, irrigation meter, etc.)

ALIAS ADDRESS Creation of an address linked to the main parcel for: 

  • Multiple Structures on the same parcel/lot
  • A parcel/lot bound by two or more streets
  • Preferred address by applicant (vanity address)

CHANGE OF ADDRESS Request for change of existing address to new address. 


  • To submit application for Zoning Review Board (ZRB), Board of Zoning Application (BZA), or Urban Design Commission (UDC). 
  • Parcels noting 0 as street number. This can occur when County/City GIS systems do not match or if no previously assigned address. A new address will be assigned if parcel has 0 as the street number. 
  • Cell towers located on existing rooftops. Addresses will use the main building address and no new address assigned. 

TO REQUEST AN ADDRESS FOR TYPE A CATEGORY: Applicants may submit the request for a subject property by using the Request for Addressing application form and submitting required information. Please include a boundary survey and/or site plan showing all property lines and footprints of all existing buildings. For Utility Points of Service applications, site plans showing proposed development must be approved by the City before requesting address assignments. Request turnaround timeline may vary based on the complexity of the request. 

Submit requests by: 

 Addresses will be assigned during the review and approval process managed by the planners in the Office of Zoning and Development. Applicants will submit their respective application (lot consolidation, re-plat, etc.) and the request for addresses will be forwarded to the Addressing Team by the project's assigned planner. Depending on the size and scope of the project, the address assignment can take up to thirty (30) days. 

 LOT CONSOLIDATIONS Requests for address assignment when consolidating parcels into one lot. 

RE-PLAT Property line re-configuration of existing lots of record. 

SUBDIVISIONSThế giới cá Dividing or re-dividing one (1) or more parcels of land into two (2) or more build-able lots. 

ZERO LOT LINE SUBDIVISIONSThế giới cá Subdividing parcels producing zero lot line lots. Typical cases include townhomes, duplexes, etc. 



  • Addresses, Suites or Unit designations are not assigned to multi-level residential or commercial.
  • For Street Name Assignments on private streets only, refer to Request for Private Street Name Form with GIS Team.
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