NPU email reminders

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Opt-in to receive monthly meeting reminders via email:

Thế giới cáIn an effort to improve citizen participation, we have implemented monthly meeting reminders via email and no longer send blue-card notices via USPS. This practice is not only more accessible to residents, but it ensures delivery and saves the Department thousands of dollars in posting and mailing costs per year. This reduction in paper consumption also allows us to be more environmentally friendly in our sustainability efforts. 


Please email NPUmail@AtlantaGa.GovThế giới cá with your first and last name, indicating which NPU meeting reminders you would like to receive via email. 


To determine the NPU, please utilize the City of Atlanta’s user-friendly GIS system:

  1.  Click
  2.  Select PROPERTY INFO
  3.  In the top left corner, enter property address in the Find address or place text box (hit enter)
  4.  Once Property Information is displayed on the right side of the screen, scroll to the Administrative Area and the   corresponding NPU letter will be displayed 


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