Campbellton-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan

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In the spring of 2012, zoning legislation was introduced by Councilmembers Bottoms, Sheperd, Winslow and Martin to implement zoning changes for properties located in NPUs P, S and T that were recommended in the adopted Campbellton-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan. The legislation proposes zoning changes along segments of the Campbellton Road Corridor between County Line Road and Fort McPherson, and segments of the Cascade Avenue Corridor between East Ridge Road and Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. Zoning legislation for properties located in NPU-R was adopted in April 2012.

The Campbellton-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan was the result of an extensive collaborative planning process conducted by the City of Atlanta Office of Planning working with the Community to envision the future redevelopment of these important Southwest Atlanta corridors. The public process included an extensive series of public input meetings, individual stakeholder interviews, and an open-house design workshop. In addition, detailed area analysis was conducted that included evaluating real estate market, transportation, land use and urban design, and redevelopment conditions along the corridors. The goals and recommendations for the redevelopment of both corridors were summarized in the Plan which was adopted by the Atlanta City Council in 2006. The Plan calls for the transformation of both corridors from automobile-oriented corridors with isolated land uses into vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhoods.
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Campbellton-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan

The Plan identified three major areas for redevelopment:

The Office of Planning Staff is currently working with the Councilmembers to implement the zoning recommendations from the Plan. Click on the links to view the zoning legislation introduced by the Councilmembers:



NPUs S and T


A series of community meetings, an open house and two development tours were conducted as noted below.

•     Evening Meeting: July 23, 2012 (6-8pm)
•     Open House: July 27, 2012 (1pm - 3pm)
•     Development Tour: July 28, 2012 (1pm-3pm)

NPUs S and T:
•     Evening Meetings: 
            o NPU-S: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 (6-8pm) 
            o NPU-T: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (6-8pm)
•     Open House: Friday, July 27, 2012 (10am - noon)
•     Development Tour: Saturday, July 28, 2012 (9am to noon)

The following materials were presented at the corresponding meetings and open house:

•     NPU-P presentation
•     NPU-S presentation
•     NPU-T presentation
•     Handouts: 
            o Architectural Conditions 
Thế giới cá             o Commercial/Mixed-use Districts – Uses Comparison Charts

            o Multi-family Residential Districts – Uses Comparison Chart

Development Tour Projects:
•     Kirkwood Neighborhood Commercial District (Hosea Williams near Howard Street) 
            o Kirkwood Station Development- multi-family residential with groundfloor retail 
            o Sherwin Williams retail store
•     Glenwood Park (Glenwood at Bill Kennedy Way) 
            o Multi-family residential with groundfloor retail 
            o Single-family and townhouse development 
            o Greenspace
•     The Jane (Memorial Drive – across from Oakland Cemetery) 
            o Multi-family residential with groundfloor retail
•     Capital Gateway (Memorial Drive at Connally Street) 
            o Mixed Income multi-family residential development
•     Renaissance Walk (Auburn Avenue at Piedmont Avenue) 
            o Multi-family residential with groundfloor retail
•     Piedmont/10th Street Intersection 
            o Retail/restaurants 
            o Post Parkside Apartments
•     Linbergh City Center (Piedmont at Morosgo) 
            o Office and retail 
            o Multi-family residential
•     Lindbergh Plaza (Piedmont at Sidney Marcus) 
            o Big box retail 
            o Multi-family residential
•     Tech Square (Spring Street at 5th Street) 
            o Mixed-use development with office, hotel and retail

Implementation Schedule
•     September 2006: The Plan and Land Use changes were adopted by the Atlanta City Council
•     April 2012: Zoning changes for properties located in NPU-R were adopted by the Atlanta City Council
•     Spring 2012: Zoning Legislation introduced by Councilmembers Bottoms, Winslow, Martin and Sheperd to implement zoning recommendations for NPUs P, S and T
•     July 2012: Zoning Meetings, Open House and Development Tour
•     August-September 2012: NPU Review
•     Fall 2012: Zoning Review Board public hearing
•     November-December 2012: adoption by the Atlanta City Council

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