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Zoning Review Board

Board of Zoning Adjustment


Applications and FormsThế giới cá - Information about the rezoning and variance processes as well as checklists and all the appropriate paperwork can be found here.

Thế giới cá - To read the regulations for a particular zoning district.

- Download PDF versions of the official zoning maps.

What is zoning?

  • The City of Atlanta is divided into zones or districts that regulate the physical development of the land and limit the uses to which a property may be put. These zoning districts also regulate the height, overall size, and placement of buildings on a lot, the density at which buildings may be constructed, and the number of parking spaces that must accompany each new building.

How do I find out what a property is zoned?

  • Consult the

How do I find out the regulations in a specific zoning district?

  • The Atlanta Code of Ordinances is maintained online by Municode, a third party company that electronically publishes municipal codes. You can browse the -- just scroll down to Part 16 (Zoning) on the left or use the search box in the upper left corner. To read the regulations for a particular zoning district, choose from the list at the top of this page.
  • Zoning District Description Table - These brief descriptions of each zoning district are intended to give a general idea of the intent of each district. For specific questions, please refer to the regulations for each district in the zoning ordinance.
  • Residential Zoning District Regulations - This table summarizes the basic requirements for R zoning districts and provides diagrams to illustrate setbacks and minimum lot sizes.

Who is responsible for administering the zoning ordinance?

  • Zoning Review Board (ZRB) - This body consists of nine members, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, who meet twice a month to consider property rezonings and special use permits. The Zoning Review Board takes into consideration the recommendations of the relevant neighborhood planning unit and the Office of Planning staff and makes recommendations on rezonings to the Zoning Committee of City Council.
  • Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) - This body consists of five appointed members who meet twice a month to consider applications for variances and special exceptions from the zoning ordinance. The Board of Zoning Adjustment takes into consideration the recommendations of the relevant neighborhood planning unit and the Office of Planning staff.
  • Office of Zoning and Development- This office is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the zoning ordinance. The Zoning Division checks all building permits for compliance with the zoning ordinance and conducts research to verify the zoning classification for a given property. 

Contact Info
Office of Zoning and Development
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 3350
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6145
Fax: 404.658.7491

Keyetta M. Holmes, AICP

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