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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is growing interest by restaurants to establish new outdoor dining areas to expand seating capacity. This webpage provides information on available outdoor dining permits and the processes for obtaining them. 

SECTION 1 Establishing an Outdoor Dining Area



The City of Atlanta offers two separate permitting processes for establishing an outdoor dining area. The applicable permitting process depends on if the proposed outdoor dining area is on a public right-of-way sidewalk or on adjacent private property, such as a parking lot. 

If the proposed area is on a public sidewalk,Thế giới cá a Right-of-Way Dining Permit can be obtained from the City of Atlanta Department of Transportation. The City of Atlanta code authorizing public right-of-way dining can be found in

More information is available by clicking the icons above: the and the Outdoor Dining Area Permit FAQs.

For eating and drinking establishments interested in creating an outdoor dining area on adjacent private property,Thế giới cá the first step in the permitting process is a zoning review conducted by the Office of Zoning & Development. This review will determine if the site can be approved for outdoor dining and under what conditions and restrictions. Following zoning approval, a building review is required through the Office of Buildings. The Outdoor Dining Area Permit FAQs contain additional information about the process and considerations for receiving required permits for private property outdoor dining.

For questions about the zoning review process or to initiate a review of your proposed site, call 404.330.6145 or email


Sidewalk Right-of-Way Dining Permit Application:

Questions about the Sidewalk Right-of-Way Dining Permit:

Questions about the zoning review required for Outdoor Private Property Dining: Call 404.330.6145 or email 

Questions about the buildings review required for Outdoor Private Property Dining: Call 404.330.6920 for the Office of Buildings Light Commercial Work Stream

Questions about alcohol license requirements, visit: 

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