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Accounts Payable is responsible for accurate and timely payment of all invoices for the City of Atlanta including but not limited to all payments on purchase orders (POs), blanket purchase orders, disbursement requests, travel advances and iExpense (employee) reimbursement requests, freight bills and grant payments.

Inquiries from suppliers regarding the status of unpaid invoices are generally handled by Accounts Payable personnel. It is the City’s policy that invoices must be directed to Accounts Payable. Invoices sent to the department by the supplier must immediately be forwarded to Accounts Payable to ensure visibility that the invoice has officially been received by the City of Atlanta and that tracking and processing can be started.

The City of Atlanta is required to meet the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service for payments. To be compliant, all new suppliers must submit proper documentation (W-9 Form) during the registration process. If a W-9 form is not on file prior to receipt of an invoice, payment will be delayed.

The Accounts Payable department is responsible for setting up suppliers in Oracle for the following classifications: 

    Bank Wire Transfers 
    Bond Refunds 
    Water Refunds 
    Law Claims 
    Law Settlements 
    Traffic Refunds (Municipal Court) 
    Memberships (W 9 forms required) 
    Training Classes (W-9 forms required) 

All other suppliers must register at and click “Doing Business with Us” for instructions on becoming a supplier.

The Accounts Payable department is also responsible for updating ‘remit to’ addresses.

Contact Information 

Department of Finance
Office of the Controller

Accounts Payable 
68 Mitchell Street
Suite 6100 
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Accounts Payables

Tel: 404.330.6514

Employees must use the iExpense module of Oracle to be reimbursed for any funds spent on behalf of the City of Atlanta. This includes travel reimbursements. Current employees have the option to sign up to receive reimbursements in their payroll direct deposit accounts.

The City of Atlanta processes invoices using the information provided on the Purchase Order. The Purchase Order is a legal binding agreement between 3rd party suppliers and the City of Atlanta.

• Invoice Requirements 
  A valid invoice consists of the following: 
    a. Supplier name 
    b. Supplier address 
    c. Invoice number 
    d. Invoice date 
    e. Purchase Order number 
    f. Ship to location 
    g. Requesting department 
    h. Requestor’s name (optional) 
    i. Complete payment terms 
    j. Quantity 
    k. Unit price 
    l. Description of goods/service provided 
    m. Extended price 
    n. Freight (as applicable) 
    o. Other charges (as applicable) 
    p. Total amount

• Invoice Submission
  All invoices should be submitted to the City of Atlanta’s Accounts Payable department. Construction
  related projects are exempted from this rule. These invoices should be submitted to the department
   holding the contract.

   The City of Atlanta is moving towards a paperless environment and is therefore promoting electronic
   (web portal) or email submission of invoices. While at this time it will continue to be an option,
    mailing/hand delivery of invoices is the City’s least preferred method of invoice submission.

   Option 1: WEB PORTAL (iSupplier)

   Option 2:

   Option 3: U.S. Mail

                    City of Atlanta Accounts Payable Dept 
                    Department Requesting Goods/Service (see options list in 6.1 Invoice Requirements) 
                    68 Mitchell Street Suite 6100 
                    Atlanta, GA 30303

   It is the supplier’s and the department’s responsibility to ensure that invoices are promptly forwarded
   to Accounts Payable and that duplicate invoices are not submitted. 

       Documents required for payment to be made are         
       • Disbursement Request Form (must include an approved and legible signature) 
       • Supplier Invoice

The City of Atlanta’s preferred method for making payments to suppliers, and for issuing reimbursements to employees is by electronic payment (i.e. Automated Clearing House (ACH)). This method of payment is more secure, timely and cost effective. At this time, paper check distribution is also available though subject to restrictions.

Electronic payments to suppliers made through ACH, will be deposited directly into the supplier’s account according to the agreed upon payment terms.

Click here to access the ACH authorization form to have invoice payments deposited directly into your account:  ACH Authorization Form

Exemption from Sales/Use Tax
The City of Atlanta, a municipality within the State of Georgia, is exempt from paying sales and use taxes on purchases of tangible property and applicable rentals. Payment or reimbursement of sales and use tax will not be made. Please contact Accounts Payable for the most current form.

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