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Department of Finance
Office of the Treasurer
Suite 13100
68 Mitchell Street SW 
Thế giới cá Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.330.6430

 The Office of the Treasurer within the Department of Finance is responsible for the strategic issuance, management, and investment of financing that support the agencies and programs which serve the residents of the City of Atlanta. Such strategies include the issuance of short and long term debt vehicles to meet capital demands, the implementation of refinancing and/or refunding options to reduce costs or maximize savings, the use of investment vehicles that optimize the City’s financial portfolio, and dissemination of financial information to the public and credit rating agencies for disclosure purposes. 

Thế giới cáThe Office is comprised of two divisions which dually execute the financial objectives of the City - Cash & Investment Management and Debt Management:

Cash & Investment Management

The Cash & Investment division governs the use of the City’s fiscal portfolio and executes all cash and investment functions within the City. The division manages the cash flow of all City accounts with deposits, withdrawals and transfers as well as implements efficient and cost-effective means for collections and payments. 

  • Perform a variety of financial transactions that concentrate money collected by the City into the City’s bank of record 
  • Develop and coordinate anticipated cash flows of the City’s accounts to ensure accurate revenue forecasts and optimal investments 
  • Analyze current market trends and make appropriate decisions on asset allocation, portfolio duration and best yield available to meet the City’s investment objective 
  • Provide the accuracy, efficiency, security, transparency and accountability demanded by the City and its taxpayers, the office incorporates innovative ideas and cost-effective technology to improve the financial services it offers
  • Develop and manage relationships with banking service providers, brokers, money managers and consultants 

Debt Management

Thế giới cáThe Debt Management division oversees the issuance, management, and ongoing reporting of the City’s debt program. In managing its debt, the division seeks to achieve the lowest cost of capital, ensure high credit quality, assure access to the capital credit markets and manage interest rate risk exposure on behalf of the City.

  • Coordinate the structuring and issuance of short and long term debt at appropriate intervals and in reasonable amounts that support approved capital expenditures
  • Determine City’s overall capacity and provides technical assistance on new financing programs 
  • Assist in the preparation of bond documents including preliminary and final official statements 
  • Prepare and assure timely payments of all debt obligations - principal and interest
  • Ensures compliance with all terms, conditions and disclosure required by the legal documents governing the debt issuances and refunding of debt as appropriate, including Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) rules and regulations 
  • Oversees arbitrage compliance of City bond issues  

Please view the City of Atlanta Independent Registered Municipal Advisor Disclosure Certificate.


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