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Q: I have a question regarding fire codes. Who should I contact?
A: The Fire Inspections Section will be able to assist with any questions regarding Fire Codes in the City of Atlanta.

Q: Are there any ordinances that govern outdoor cooking?
A: Yes. The careless use of open-flame cooking devices has historically been the cause of numerous fires at multi-family dwellings, displacing residents and resulting in millions of dollars in property damage. Because of the danger, the City of Atlanta Fire Code, like the International Fire Code, includes regulations regarding open-flame cooking.
*Note that electric grills or any devices not producing open flames are not regulated by the fire code.

To report a violation of this ordinance, you may contact the City of Atlanta Fire Inspection Section at 404-546-7000. Someone will be dispatched to follow up on the complaint. Anyone violating this ordinance will be subjected to an immediate fine issued by a fire official.

Q: How do I get a fire report? 

A: Reports involving fires that occurred in the City of Atlanta may be obtained by clicking here  or calling 404-546-7073.


Q: How do I file a complaint with the Fire Marshal's Office?



Q: Where can I get information on fire safety and education?
A: Click here to reach the Fire Safety and Education section or call Jacob Lessington at 404-546-7088.


Q: How can I get a smoke alarm?
Contact the Atlanta Smoke Alarm Program (ASAP) at 404-546-2733 or visit your local fire station.


Q: Where can I get information on inspection or installation of a car seat for my infant/child?
A: Contact AFR’s Car Seat Coordinator at 404-546-4444.


Q: How can I learn more about fire prevention?
A: AFR hosts an annual Citizens Fire Academy, a six-week training opportunity that gives you an up-close look at fire prevention and safety. For more information and to register for the next Citizens Fire Academy,
Click Here:  Citizens Fire Academy


Q: What is the best way for me to be prepared for a natural or man-made disaster?
A: The Atlanta Citizen’s Emergency Response Team (ACERT) offers free training to prepare you for emergencies. For additional information, visit


Q: Will the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department come fill my swimming pool?
A: No, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department does not fill swimming pools.


Q: May I have my child’s birthday party at the fire station?
A: No, for liability purposes, birthday parties are not allowed at fire stations. You may schedule a tour of your local fire station.

Q: Will the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department wash down our street after an event?
A: No, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department will not wash down your street after an event.
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