Environmental Review Requirements

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An environmental review is the process of reviewing a project and its potential environmental impacts to determine whether it meets federal, state, and local environmental standards. 

The environmental review process is required for all HUD-assisted projects to ensure that the proposed project does not negatively impact the surrounding environment and that the property site itself will not have an adverse environmental or health effect on end users. 

An environmental review must be performed before any funds, regardless of source, are committed to a project.

Thế giới cá Admin dollars are cleared on the front end and does not require action by the recipient. However, below is an exception:

  • Federal funds pays for the recipient’s office space - move or secure additional space
  • The new office must be environmentally cleared prior to you signing a lease. 

All other activities, funded in part or whole with federal funds, require an individual environmental review prior to expending funds. 

Requirements for Housing Development / Construction Projects:

  • Request for environmental review form
    • Complete address – N, S, SW, NW…..
    • Zip code
  • Section 106 Review
    • Conditions that can be cleared initially
    • Mitigation Plan for conditions that cannot be cleared initially
  • Detailed Scope of Work
  • Tax Assessor Information Page and Map
  • After Rehabilitation Value
  • Photos of property
  • Phase I environmental site assessment - if required

Requirements for Public Service Projects:

  • Request for environmental review form
    • Complete address – N, S, SW, NW…..
    • Zip code
  • Description of activity

Service Level Agreement - SLA

  • Exempt & Categorially Excluded Not Subject-to (CENST)
    • Administrative expenses; shelter operations; down payment assistance; tenant based rental assistance; project design and engineering costs; etc.
    • Requirements:  7-10 business days for preparation and execution
  • Categorially Excluded Subject-to (CEST)
    • Owner-occupied rehabilitation; rehabilitation of vacant single family or multi-family properties; disposition of property; demolition; project based rental assistance; master leasing; upgrading existing public facilities; Park improvements; ADA improvements; business improvement loans; etc.
    • Requirements, if exemptions apply: 10-15 business days
    • Requirements, if exemptions do not apply: minimum of 37 days -15 days for preparation of assessment and 22 day public comment period
  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
    • New construction; significant land use changes; construction of industrial complexes or new recreation centers in parks; acquisition and acquisition/reconstruction;
    • Requirements: a minimum of 45 business days - 15 business days for preparation of assessment 30 day public comment period

Submission Instructions

All submissions and communications should be submitted to the Environmental Review inbox - gmenvironmentalreview@AtlantaGa.Gov

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