CDBG Public Services Reimbursement Request Requirements

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CDBG Public Services Requirements and Forms

Electronic Reimbursement Submission Process requires the following forms and supporting documents to be submitted to

  1. CD-1 Form (this should be the cover page for each monthly submission) 
  2. Reimbursement Request Form (this should be submitted as page 2 of your request) - The totals on this form should equal the total requested on the CD-1 Form for the corresponding month. This form can be duplicated to account for additional line items included in your contract. Please add a "-1", "-2", "-3", etc. behind the report number on this form to indicate the continuation of the form. If multiple forms are created, please separate the supporting documents behind each corresponding form to make the review process easier.
    • Supporting Documentation Requirements:
      • Transaction Summary Cover Page detailing expenditures for which reimbursements are being requested, if referenced by "lump sum" on the Reimbursement Request Form. This can be a manually created document that provides an explanation of any "lump sum" line items on the Reimbursement Request Form.
      • General Ledger Detail Activity Report containing all of the transactions to support any items for which reimbursements are being requested.
      • Bank statement(s) containing cancelled check images or the bank statement(s) accompanied by cancelled check images, if not included in the statement. NOTE: If you do not have your bank statement by the submission due date, please print out a monthly transaction report directly from your bank’s website to show that the check has been processed (cleared). Please also note under the comments section, Line 21, of the Reimbursement Form that you have included the monthly transaction report as a placeholder until you are able to submit your bank statement. Also, please note the anticipated date that you plan to submit the bank statement.
      • Personnel Activity Reports (Time Sheets) that are signed and dated by the employee and supervisor for all staff for which reimbursement is being requested.
      • Payroll Summary Report or Payroll Register from your third-party payroll processor. Please be sure that all staff, for which reimbursement is being requested, are referenced within the report.
  3. Payment Register (this should be the final section of your submission request, if applicable) - The Payment Register should be completed for all contracts providing rental assistance. The Payment Register should follow the supporting documentation for the Reimbursement Request Form. Please be sure to only utilize a Client ID or Client Initials within the form. If this form doesn’t apply to your project, please enter “Not Applicable” on the first line of the form, sign and submit.
    • Supporting Documentation Requirements:
      • Copies of the entire Lease agreement for “New” clients only
      • Copies of the first page and signature page of the lease agreement for existing clients (please be sure that the provided pages include the dates of the lease term)
      • General Ledger Detail Activity Report for Rent Payments made to Landlords iv. General Ledger Detail Activity Report for Client Rent Collected v. Bank Statement(s) and Cancelled Checks for all rental transactions

Confidentiality Requirements: 24 CFR 574.440 (NOTE: When recording expenses in your G/L and/or on checks, please do not use Personal Identifying Information (PII). Please use some type of unique identifier, i.e. address, unit number, HMIS number or other unique client ID.) 

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