Dispute Policy Regarding Public Requests For Removal Of Right Of Way Trees

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Contact Info
233 Peachtree St. NE
Harris Tower, Suite 1700
Atlanta, GA 30303 

Customer Service Call Center: 404.546.6813
Email: parkscustomerservice@atlantaga.gov
7:30 A.M.–4:30 P.M.
Thế giới cáCustomer service representatives are available to help with park maintenance concerns and requests, public right-of-ways, park tree concerns, reservations, programming, and suggestions.

To report a downed tree on weekends, holidays and after hours, please call 911.
For trees on private property, contact the Office of Buildings at 404.330.6874.

Thế giới cá Anyone in disagreement with an arborist's ruling that a tree is not eligible for removal may request a second inspection by a Parks Department Arborist. If it is the arborist's ruling that the tree is still not eligible for removal after this second visit, the tree will not be inspected again for a period of at least three months (except under extenuating circumstances, such as storm related damage or any other significant unforeseen changes in the tree’s health or safety). At any time during this three month period, the citizen seeking removal of the tree may apply for a Tree Removal Permit. The City may not approve the request if the applicant fails to comply with the Tree Conservation Ordinance or adopted City policy or if the Tree Conservation Commission sustains an appeal. If approved, the citizen applying for the permit will be held responsible for all costs related to removal of the tree (including stump removal). The citizen applying for the permit must comply with the written policy for replacement of public trees including without limitation inch per inch replacement of all trees removed and a tree replacement plan, which must be presented to show the location, species, and size of all replacement trees.






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