Local Bidder Preference Program

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The City of Atlanta invites you to bid on its projects and looks forward to doing business with your company!

What is the Local Bidder Preference Program?

Thế giới cáThe Local Bidder Preference Program (the “LBPP”) is a program established by the City Code of Ordinances to: encourage business with the City; help foster the creation of employment and business opportunities; and generate additional revenue for the City.

The Local Preference Program shall apply only to any City contract (referred to hereinafter as “Eligible local projects”) procured under section 2-1188.1 competitive sealed bidding.


Who is eligible for the LBPP?

Contractors with a physical address in the City of Atlanta.


What projects are eligible for this program?

The program applies only to Invitation to Bid projects throughout the City; the program does not apply to Requests for Proposals or federally funded projects.


How do I get certified?

Thế giới cáTo become certified as a Local Bidder, you must submit a LBPP application at least thirty (30) days prior to the planned submission of a bid to the Department of Procurement. If your company is not certified by the bid due date, you will not be allowed receive local bidder preference on a LBPP project.

Please make sure that your application is TYPED or LEGIBLY printed and signed in blue ink.

Please complete the Local Bidder Preference Program Application and submit by email to:localbidderpref@Atlantaga.gov

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