Surplus Auctions

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Thế giới cáThe Department of Procurement has partnered with to sell City assets that are surplus-to-requirements to the highest bidder via online public auctions. Anyone can register to bid on these items.


Getting started – register to bid

  1. Are you registered?  If not  and we will help you get registered.
  2. What category are you looking for?  Click on the category or subcategory on the main Catalog page to choose which area you want to look at.
  3. What item are you looking for?  Once you find the correct category and subcategory, scroll through the list of items until you find an item that interests you. Clicking on the auction title will take you to the bid page.
  4. How do I make a bid on an item?  Enter the amount you want to bid on the item and click the “Submit” button. Before you make an offer on an item, however, please thoroughly read all of the terms of the bid, such as payment methods, shipping, and item description. Some agencies have their own Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you read those.

Getting started – City departments

Thế giới cáDepartments wishing to auction surplus commodities can do so by submitting the relevant application below to Procurement staff. A brief set of instructions for departments is available .

For Motorized Commodities, please complete .

Thế giới cáFor Non-Motorized Commodities, please complete .


Contact information

For more information about the City’s surplus auction program, please contact:

Annette Bettis
Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
55 Trinity Ave SW Suite 1900
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel: (404) 330-6204

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