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Thế giới cáInspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment.


Thế giới cáWe envision an Atlanta where every community is a clean, green & beautiful place to live.

Core Areas of Focus




Litter is more than just blight on our landscape. Litter is costly to clean up, impacts our quality of life and economic development, and eventually ends up in our waterways and oceans.  Today, we are committed as ever to providing people with the resources to help prevent litter with the ultimate goal of helping to end littering in Atlanta.


» Community Appearance Index (CAI) 

Thế giới cáAmong our many initiatives, the Keep America Beautiful Litter Index and Community Appearance Index are step-by-step methods of assessing current litter conditions and other indicators which is used in thousands of communities and by municipalities nationwide. Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission conducts this citywide litter assessment annually during the month of August.  View scoring reports by clicking the links below.

2016  •  2017 •  2018  •  2019


» Neighborhood Cleanups

COVID-19 Cleanup Guidelines & Resources 

PPE Litter Pickup Guidelines 

Community Cleanup Safety Recommendations

Need help fighting litter in your community?  Organize a neighborhood cleanup with the support of Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission and the Department of Public Works.  We provide the following supplies to assist you with your cleanup efforts.

 Gloves • Trash Bags

Supplies are provided upon availability with advance notice.

COVID-19 has impacted litter grabber and safety vest availability

Pickup:Thế giới cá Tuesday & Thursday, 10am to Noon

Return: Tuesday & Thursday, 10am to Noon

Request supplies for your event at 404-330-6240 or (include supplies in subject)


» Adopt-a-Spot

Thế giới cáIndividuals, groups & organizations are encouraged to adopt a public space for litter prevention and beautification. Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission and the Department of Public Works will erect a sign recognizing your adoption.  Available spaces include:

• Streets • Traffic Islands • Bus Stops • Sidewalks • Medians • City Owned Lots •



Click hereThế giới cá to sign up for the program.


» Illegal Scrap Tire Dumping

Illegal Scrap Tire Dumping is a major environmental concern that Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission is committed to solving.  Report scrap tire dumping at 404-330-6240 or (include tires in subject)

Have 1 or 2 tires in your neighborhood?Thế giới cá  Drop them off at the for free disposal.

Semi-Annual Scrap Tire Drive 

Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission hosts a Semi-Annual City-wide Scrap Tire Drive for residents.  Together, we have collected nearly 50,000 tires.  Contact our office to report dumpsites, volunteer, and for more details on collection events.

 View the 2019 Fall Scrap Tire Flyer

» Earth Day - April 22

Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission recognizes Earth Day with a series of neighborhood cleanups, recycling events and scrap tire drives throughout the month of April.

»Great American Cleanup   




• Reduce • Reuse • Recycle •




Single Stream recycling is accepted in resident's blue CARTLANTA Recycling Bin.  These items include METAL, PLASTIC, PAPER and GLASS.  All recyclables should be LOOSE, CLEAN and DRY.  Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission is committed to educating people on the importance of recycling. 

OOps!  Click here to view common recycling mistakes.

Only the items on the InfoCard above are recyclable in your CARTLANTA Recycling Bin.  Plastic bags should be returned to retailers.  Items like Styrofoam, electronics and paint can be taken to for disposal.  Search for disposal options using the "Waste Wizard" at  



Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission is committed to providing recycling education.  Still not sure about recycling or need more information?   to access Recycling Outreach Request Form.



Thế giới cáKeep Atlanta Beautiful Commission recognizes America Recycles Day (ARD) with their Fall Scrap Tire Drive.  This city-wide collection results in thousands of recycled tires.

Additionally, we are celebrating ARD 2018 with a week-long schedule of activities.  Please contact our office for more details.


» Bring One for the Chipper - Christmas Tree Recycling

Thế giới cáKeep Atlanta Beautiful Commission has diverted over 20,000 trees through city-wide collection events.  Donors receive tree seedlings and seed packets courtesy of the and .



Feet on the Street 

Atlanta Recycles Day

Multi-Family Recycling

Residential Recycling

Transfer Stations & Landfills




Each year, we work with volunteers on beautification and greening programs that impact many communities annually. Our actions lead to native species plantings, sustainable community gardens including fruit and vegetable gardens, tree plantings, urban forestry, vacant lot transformation, graffiti abatement, fighting blight, and more– all of which results in positive, lasting impact in communities across the country.

 Request Graffiti Removal Kit - Call 404-330-6240 or email (include graffiti in subject)



For additional information contact:

Kanika Greenlee, Executive Director
Office: (404) 330-6721

Moses Tejuoso, Community Affairs Manager
Office: (404) 865-8743

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