Office of Fleet Services

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The Office of Fleet Services (OFS) is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of the City of Atlanta’s motorized equipment fleet, totalling 5,800 pieces. Fleet Services manages seven repair locations and ten refueling sites that dispense over 3,300,000 gallons of fuel annually. Additionally, OFS coordinates and executes all internal towing for City vehicle breakdowns.


The Office of Fleet Services is composed of four divisions:
  • Business Operations: Finances, Billing, Payroll, Training, Facility Maintenance, Human Resources, Transportation
  • Production Operations: Fleet vehicle repairs with six shops including two at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
  • Material Management: Repair parts inventory and accountability
  • Technical Services: Vehicle specifications, vehicle purchases, registrations, sales, fuel management


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Business Operations

This office is responsible for functioning in several different areas:
  • Financial Services: Is responsible for the timely processing and payment of vendor invoices. Additionally, Financial Services creates all requisitions and purchase orders for the Office of Fleet Services.
  • Facilities Maintenance: Maintains all Fleet Services fueling and garage locations.
  • Training: Coordinates, documents, and tracks all professional development classes for the OFS.
  • Security: Serves as a liaison for security guards and the point of contact for overall location security.
  • Human Resources: Serves as a liaison for the OFS and the Department of Human Resources to include all personnel related activities.
  • Shuttle Transportation: Coordinates shuttle transportation for City events.

Production Operations

The goal of the Production team is “Safety and Fleet AvailabilityThế giới cá.” Production Operations is alsoresponsible for providing both preventive and repair maintenance on the City of Atlanta’s motorized vehicles.

Thế giới cáFleet Services performs both preventive and repair maintenance at six different shop locations:

  • Claire Drive Facility: Is designated for Heavy Tuck repair and maintenance on all trucks weighing 26,000lbs and heavier.
  • The Northside Facility: Is the Heavy Equipment Shop, responsible for maintaining all off road construction equipment including lawn mowers and Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles.
  • The Howell Mill Facility: Is our General Duty Shop responsible for all light duty vehicles including police cars, pick-up trucks and vans.
  • The two Airport Facilities: Are used specifically to maintain airport equipment. One facility is for emergency equipment and the other for ground maintenance equipment.
  • Lakewood Facility: Is a small location used primarily to perform after hour PM’s.

Asset Management

This division is responsible for the following areas:
  • Acquisition and disposal (online auction) of motorized equipment
  • Maintaining the asset record system, loan pool, Car Share program
  • Ordering and delivery of fuel and special projects

The Asset Management division manages the acquisition and disposal of all motorized equipment and the technological infrastructure to support the city’s motorized fleet and the distribution of fuel for the City of Atlanta. This includes writing specifications for bid solicitation, obtaining tags and titles for equipment, and preparing equipment for sale on our Public Auction website. This division facilitates the ordering and distribution of fuel for all City-owned vehicles and equipment and oversees the City’s Carshare program and loan pool. We utilize the Assetworks fleet management system, FleetFocus, to manage the City’s fleet and parts inventory and Fuel Focus to manage the City’s fuel inventory.

Thế giới cáThe team consists of two Fleet Analysts, a Data Analyst, Vehichle Equipment Operator and two Extra Helps staff. The team's goal is to provide quality customer service to their internal and external customer; ensure customers receive and dispose of equipment to sustain "best in class" performance.


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