Neighborhood Clean Up Dumpster Request Guidelines

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Neighborhood Clean-Up Request Guidelines

Neighborhood Clean-up Guideline Do's & Don'ts 

Schedule Pick Up of Items Collected
Contact to schedule pick-up of trash, yard trimmings, or recyclables that you collect during the community clean-up by dialing (404) 546- 0311. Items compiled from your clean up project cannot be removed without a scheduled pickup.

Note: Scheduling is not required for individual household weekly collections.  This page refers to community clean-ups only where piles of trash, debris, and yard trimmings may be collected and placed at a location designated by the community clean-up organizer and the Office of Solid Waste Services.

Household Hazardous Waste

How to Solidify Paint
Warning: This management option can cause harm to human health and the environment if the described procedures are not followed carefully.

Materials needed:

Protective gloves
Bucket or sturdy cardboard box
Stirring stick
Non-flammable absorbent, such as clay-based kitty litter

Warning: Do not use a paper-based product as an absorbent because it could spontaneously ignite.

Safety Precautions & Procedures

Thế giới cáFor additional information, please contact the Customer Service Center by dialing         (404) 546-0311 or visit . 

Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Department of Public Works

55 Trinity Avenue, SW
Suite 4700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6240
Fax: 404.658.7552

Customer Service
Tel: 311 (Metro Atlanta area only) or 404.546.0311

NOTE: For garbage collection or to receive a trash bin call 311 (Metro Atlanta area only) or 404.546.0311
Website: .

For issues related to water and sewer, please 311 (Metro Atlanta area only) or 404.546.0311
Website: .

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