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Thế giới cáNote: President's Day is a regular business day for the City of Atlanta.  

How to Start New Collection Service for Household Garbage, Recycling & Yard Trimmings

Call 311 or visit

Household garbage, recycling and yard trimmings collection occurs weekly. Containers should be placed on curb by 7p.m. the previous day and removed from curb by 7 p.m. on collection day.

How to Start Backyard Pick Up Service

The City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Solid Waste Service (SWS) offers backyard service to senior residents who are 70 years of age or older, live alone and the person is physically incapable of placing the garbage at the curb.  If the person is not capable of placing garbage at the curb, then they must present a licensed Physicians certified statement stating such person is physically incapable of placing the garbage at the curb. 

Please Note: If City of Atlanta trucks cannot enter the backyard for collection, the customer cannot get backyard service.

If eligible based on the above criteria, submit proof of age and physician's certified statement by fax at 404-546-9073 or email to                        

If backyard service is requested and the person requesting the service does not meet the age or physical condition criteria, then the citizen must pay $1,233.69Thế giới cá to receive this service; City Code Section 130-37.

Send check to City of Atlanta

Attn: Carlos Wallace
68 Mitchell St, Suite 4800
Atlanta, GA 30303

 If you would like to cancel backyard service, email to pwsettlements@atlantaga.govThế giới cá. Please Include your name and address and someone will follow up with you.

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Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Department of Public Works

55 Trinity Avenue, SW
Suite 4700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6240
Thế giới cá Fax: 404.658.7552

Customer Service
Tel: 311 (Metro Atlanta area only) or 404.546.0311

Office of the Commissioner
Tel: 404.330.6240
James A. Jackson, Jr.

Office of Solid Waste Services
Tel: 404.330.6236
Gayla Dodson
Program Management Officer

Office of Transportation
Tel: 404.330.6501 
Cotena Alexander
Program Management Officer

Capital Projects
Tel: 404.330.6739
Barrington Brown, PE 
Capital Projects Director 
Thế giới cá Operations, Engineering & Analysis

Office of Fleet Services
Tel: 404.622.7681
Dale Fambrough
Program Management Officer

William "Bill" Eckel

Tracey Woods

NOTE: For issues related to water and sewer, garbage collection, or to receive a trash bin call 311(Metro Atlanta area only) or 404.546.0311. 

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