Multi-family Recycling

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The City of Atlanta Code Section 130-38 states that the owners of any multi-family dwelling, including public housing, consisting of six or more living units, or the owners' association of condominiums or townhouses consisting of six or more living units, shall furnish commercial containers for the collection of recyclables, including, at a minimum, the materials the city collects as part of its curbside recycling program, which materials include glass, plastics, newspapers and aluminum cans. The capacity of the containers shall be adequate to hold the recyclable material of residents of the multi-family dwelling and shall be of a size not less than three gallons multiplied by the number of living units.

Report Recycling Numbers 

Owners and association had until July 1, 2008, to comply with code requirements, after which time the enforcement provisions apply. View/download the Multi-family Recycling Guide to learn more.

Property Owner's Role

Multi-family property owners or management is responsible for:

• Providing recycling service to the residents of each building no later than July 1, 2008.
• Securing and managing contracts for providing the material collection/recycling service for all building locations.
• Providing clearly marked collection bins for recyclable materials and containers for transporting the materials off site. (Should be provided by the contracted recycling hauler.)
• Multi-Family Recycling Database. Report your recycling tonnage to the City of Atlanta(COA).

Getting Started

Set Up Service

Recycling service to multi-family properties is not provided by the City of Atlanta at this time. Property owners/managers will need to arrange a recycling contract with a waste hauler that provides bins and collection of at least the following recyclables: glass, plastics, newspapers and aluminum cans. Per COA code, reporting recycling tonnage is required so be sure that your hauler provides this data. Since recycling diverts commodities from the waste stream you may even be able to save money by providing fewer waste containers.

Place Collection Containers

Property owners/managers should locate recycling bins next to trash bins so that residents are not just tossing their refuse in whichever container is closer. The recycling bin should be clearly marked as a recycling bin, and have a sticker showing what is accepted and common contaminants that are not accepted.

Educate Tenants

To ensure success, residents will need to know what is recyclable, and that all recyclables must be clean, dry, and have lids removed and placed in separately. Click the links below for downloadable flyers/posters or the City of Atlanta Multi-family Recycling Guide.


- Sweet! Our building recycles!

- Awesome! Our building recycles!

- Who hoo! Our building recycles!

- Yeah! Our building recycles!

For additional information or assistance, please contact your local recycling or trash hauler. For questions email


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