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55 Trinity Ave SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Cary Bearn, Interim Director
Tel: 404.330.6070 

The Office of Mobility Planning within the City of Atlanta’s Department of Transportation strives to provide Atlanta residents with a safe and reliable transportation system that enhances Atlanta’s environment and economic vitality. The Mobility Planning team works with state and regional agencies such as the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Atlanta Regional Commission to fulfill Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure plans.

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Work Plan

Providing Atlanta with modern transportation and alternatives, it is the Transportation Division’s plan to ensure:
Community Focused Practices: Guarantee that all of Atlanta’s residents have safe, affordable and reliable transportation alternatives that provide connectivity throughout the city and region.
Development: Continually focus on future transportation alternatives that will provide facilities that meet community needs while supporting transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly developments.
Financial Responsibility: Ensure cost-effective, efficient and responsible use of resources and aggressively pursue funding partnerships to reduce local resources.
Community Benefits: Provide social, economic and environmental benefits to the City of Atlanta through transportation accessibility and improvements while promoting city awareness of these benefits.
Preparation for the Future:Thế giới cá Pursue transportation infrastructure improvements, policy practices, and technologies that will support cost-effective and resident-friendly usage in the future.


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Atlanta’s Transportation Plan
The City of Atlanta is updating the Connect Atlanta Plan, its first comprehensive transportation plan adopted in 2008. Atlanta’s Transportation Plan will support the long-term vision of the Atlanta City Design effort and provide policy and project recommendations to build a world class, sustainable transportation system that addresses congestion in our growing and evolving city. Not only does it tie Atlanta into regional and federal funding opportunities through the Atlanta Regional Commission, but it also leverages local funding sources — its MARTA and T-SPLOST sales taxes and the Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program — to guide Atlanta’s transportation decisions to make Atlanta one of the most livable cities in the country.

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