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Contact Info 

Cary Bearn 
Chief Bicycle Officer
Suite 1450
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel: 404.330.6722



The City of Atlanta is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable network of bicycle infrastructure. The City continues to make significant investments in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure with a diverse range of partners including the Department of Public Works, Renew Atlanta -TSPLOST, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta BeltLine, MARTA, PATH Foundation, Invest Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress, Livable Buckhead, Midtown Alliance, Georgia Tech, Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation.

In 2015, the City of Atlanta hired its first Chief Bicycle Officer. The Chief Bicycle Officer works in the Department of City Planning and is responsible for a wide range of activities related to bicycle transportation including public outreach, project development, and oversight of the city’s Relay .

Bike Rack Request Program

The City of Atlanta is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable network of bicycle infrastructure, which includes publicly accessible bicycle racks. If you are interested in having an inverted U bicycle rack or a bicycle corral installed in the public right of way, please fill out the form below and email to Your request will be received by the Department of City Planning and installation will be coordinated with the Department of Public Works.

Request a Bicycle Rack Form

Thế giới cáFor more information on bicycle rack location best practices check out:

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals Essentials of Bike Parking and the City of Atlanta’s bike rack guidelines.

Thế giới cá* Submission of this form does not guarantee installation of bicycle rack


Connect Atlanta Plan: In 2008, Atlanta developed a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) which ensures mobility, continued economic growth and desired quality of life for citizens and visitors alike. The Connect Atlanta Plan will ensure that Atlanta continues to lead the region in efficient, effective and affordable transportation. Discover the comprehensive planned city-wide bicycle network here.

Cycle Atlanta 1.0: The Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0 Study is an implementation strategy and 2015 appendix to the Connect Atlanta Plan to help the City of Atlanta become more bicycle friendly. The study serves as a “how-to manual” assisting city and community leaders in developing the city as a place where people of all ages and walks-of-life can safely bicycle, both for recreation and transportation. Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0

Atlanta’s Transportation Plan: In 2018, Atlanta adopted an update to the Connect Thế giới cáAtlanta Plan. Atlanta's Transportation Plan is the blueprint for achieving this transportation future: a future in which everyone will enjoy better access without having to rely so heavily on automobiles; where every member of our communities will travel without risk of serious injury or death; and where transportation options are affordable and available to all residents and visitors.

Adopted as part of Atlanta’s Transportation Plan were several technical memorandums relevant to expanding and maintaining safe bicycle infrastructure including Asset Management, Bicycle Facilities, Safer Streets, Streets Atlanta, and Map Book and Project ListThế giới cá. More details on Atlanta’s Transportation Plan as well as supporting technical memorandums and appendices are available here:

Cycle Atlanta 2.0: The Cycle Atlanta: Phase 2.0 Study is an implementation strategy adopted with Atlanta’s Transportation Plan in late 2018. The Cycle Atlanta: Phase 2.0 Study is an implementation strategy for improving the safety and convenience of bicycling to six Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail stations within the City of Atlanta. Cycle Atlanta: Phase 2.0

Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan: Atlanta Regional Commission has been promoting safe, functional and regional bicycle-pedestrian planning since 1973, and continues to update its process to address new needs and trends.  Current plans include:

Thế giới cá - envisions a region of walk and bike-friendly communities, a regional-scale trail network, community-scale walking and bicycling networks, and first- and last-mile connections to regional transit systems.

Thế giới cá - A regional action plan for reducing traffic fatalities in metropolitan Atlanta. Safe Streets recognizes that serious and fatal crashes involving pedestrians are on an upward trend and uses a “Safe System” approach to advance evidence-based countermeasures within a complete streets framework.

Placemaking Grants for Bicycle Safety:

The City of Atlanta Placemaking Program provides grant funding to residents to transform our underused street space into thriving places that offer safe biking and walking options for all Atlantans. If you are interested in creating unique spaces that improve transportation safety,

Other Bicycle-related Initiatives 


Thế giới cáCan you live car-light?

We developed SHIFT ATL to help Atlantans better understand the factors that allow us to rely less on our personal cars and more on our bikes, transit, or our own two feet!

Shared Dockless Bikes, E-Bikes, and Scooters:

In 2019, Atlanta adopted regulations for Shareable Dockless Mobility Devices such as shared bikes and scooters. Learn more about the rules for riding and parking devices and for information about dockless system permitting.

Reporting Issues

The City of Atlanta is pleased to provide residents and customers with Atlanta 311 (ATL311). You can call or go online to submit and track service requests, and keep up with information. How to submit typical bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure issues:

Thế giới cáCall 311 Or Submit online requests:

 Bikes and the Law

Thế giới cáState Law: Georgia Bikes, a state wide bicycle organization, provides a handy pocket guide explain rights and rules of people on bikes. Check out the guide .

Thế giới cáCity of Atlanta Code of Ordinances as it relates to bicycles:

Bikes and Transit

MARTAThế giới cá has the most progressive transit bicycle policies in the country. Bikes are allowed on trains any time of the day or night. Learn more:

MARTA’s buses and other regional transit buses are equipped with front bike racks. Don’t be nervous to load your bike onto the front of the bus, even a zombie can do it:

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