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What is Bike Share Atlanta?

Starting in Summer 2016, the City of Atlanta joined cities such as New York City, Boston, Birmingham, Chattanooga and Philadelphia in launching its own Bike Share system. Bike Share is an innovative, emerging form of public transportation in which bicycles are available for shared use to individuals on a short-term basis. The system provides users the ability to pick up a bicycle at any bike share station located near their destination.

Thế giới cá“Atlanta will be a leader in the region as we launch an innovative, socially responsible bike share program for citizens and visitors. Our self-serve, bike rental program promotes my vision to make bikes available to the maximum amount of people in the most cost-efficient manner possible.”- Mayor Kasim Reed

Bike share launched in the Summer of 2016 with 100 bikes at 10 stations and expanded in April 2017 with 500 bikes at 75 stations. The program is planned to eventually expand to over 2,000 bicycles and 200 stations located through the various diverse neighborhoods of Atlanta.

Since the launch of Relay Bikeshare in 2016, HOPR, has been under contract with the City of Atlanta to operate the program and has covered all associated equipment and operational costs. To date, HOPR has relied on the SoBi platform to power the system. Unfortunately, over the past two years, HOPR has not been able to provide a full fleet of 500 bikes due to ongoing technological failures of the SoBi platform that had relied on the phased out 2G connectivity. To solve for this issue, HOPR is taking the initiative to relaunch the system on the 4G HOPR platform and mobile application.  

As of Friday July 17,2020,  the Relay Bikeshare system will be transitioned from the Social Bicycle (SoBi) platform and mobile application to the HOPR platform and mobile application.  

Thế giới cáThe switch to the HOPR platform will result in the following user-facing changes:

  • Bikes will be unlockable using the HOPR Transit app 
  • The website will be updated to 
  • The customer service email address will be updated to
  • The customer service phone number will be updated to 833-838-8300
  • Out of hub fee will increase from $2 to $3

Contact ATLDOT@atlantaga.govThế giới cá with questions about the service.

What are the goals of Atlanta’s Bike Share system?

Thế giới cáThe City of Atlanta in partnership with Cyclehop and Social Bicycles are committed to implementing a bike share program that all of Atlanta can be proud of. Together we have created overarching guidelines including actionable goals and objectives to ensure bike share is a success.

Transit Connectivity and Personal Mobility

  • Integrate bike share as an extension of local and regional public transit networks within the City of Atlanta
  • Increase utilization of other transit modes by providing a first mile and last mile travel alternative that will increase the range of destinations served


Health and Safety

  • Provide increased physical opportunities that will help users get active and reduce obesity and chronic diseases
  • Support improved access to fresh food, greenspaces and popular neighborhood destinations
  • Promote a culture of safety among bikeshare system users
  • Address several strategies in Power to Change, the City’s long-term sustainability plan


Social and Geographic Equity

  • Establish a system that engages and serves users in minority, low wealth, and limited transit option communities and help improve access to jobs, recreation and healthy nutrition
  • Utilize local non-profits, and community partnerships to leverage programmatic and marketing to minority, low-come and limited transit option communities
  • Support connecting neighborhoods and residents that have been traditionally isolated
  • Create a sense of civic pride for all neighborhoods in Atlanta

Finances and Transparency

  • Cover all operating expenses utilizing a range of private, city, state and federal funding sources
  • Plan capital for system growth and equipment repair and replacement
  • Operate system transparently with regular performance reporting to stakeholders and the public

For more background on bike share, check out the Atlanta- Decatur Bike Share Feasibility Study conducted by Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Permitting Process

The City of Atlanta is responsible for reviewing and permitting all station locations. Please see the permit flow chart to understand the process of station permits. All permits can be found on , the City of Atlanta’s online permitting platform, under Planning.

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