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Lakewood Trail - Public Meeting #3 flyer

In December of 2018, PATH Foundation and the Department of City Planning began working collaboratively to investigate the feasibility of a trail that would connect the existing Southtowne Trail to the Atlanta BeltLine. The project is a joint effort between PATH Foundation and the City of Atlanta with PATH managing on behalf of the City. It is majority funded through GDOT and conforms to the GDOT Plan Development Process.

South Bend Park Pavilion

Seeking to define a vision and long-term alignment, the design of a new multi-use trail will link the intersection of Lakewood Avenue and the existing Southtowne Trail (at South Bend Park) and the intersection of the Atlanta BeltLine/CSX railroad corridor at McDonough Blvd. The trail is anticipated to connect the neighborhoods of Villages at Carver, Lakewood Heights, and South Atlanta and neighborhood amenities including Screen Gems, Villages at Carver Family YMCA, four public schools, three city parks, Lakewood Stadium and Cellairis Amphitheater at Lakewood.

POND, the project consultant, will develop two context-sensitive trail alignments and provide an alternatives analysis. Once the preferred alignment is selected, POND will prepare a GDOT approved Concept Report and Preferred Conceptual Alignment for the trail per Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) requirements.

Local stakeholders in the surrounding communities are integral to the concept development and preferred alignment, supplementing the overall all public process. Some of them make up the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The consultant team also convenes meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee composed of municipal and agency leaders with expert knowledge on this process and the study area. At each phase of the process, both the technical and stakeholder advisory and technical advisory committees are convened followed by a public event geared toward capturing input from the larger community.

For more information on the project or to be added to our communications list, please email our public engagement lead at Feel free to contact the Project Manager, Andrew Kohr, with questions or comments

Public Engagement
Public Meeting # 1 Feedback
Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting - 02.05.19 Minutes
Stakeholder Advisory Committee #2 & Public Meeting #2 feedback 

Existing Conditions/Data Analysis
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Vision and Alternatives Development
Lakewood Trail - Alternative A
Lakewood Trail - Alternative B
Lakewood Trail - Alternative C
Lakewood Trail - Potential Trail Elements
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