Capital Transportation Projects

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The Capital Projects Division of the DPW Office of Transportation has purview of major projects that include federal, state, and MARTA funding.  This office works with the Federal Highway Administration, Georgia Department of Transportation, Atlanta Regional Commission, Community Improvement Districts and other governmental and quasi-governmental entities to bring capital improvements to the city.  Funding for new sidewalks, streetscapes, traffic calming and other public improvements are managed here.Capital Transportation Projects Planned/Underway

Local Maintenance & Improvement Grant (LMIG) Program

Georgia DOT remains committed to help local governments achieve much-needed improvements to the state’s roadway network. The new LMIG program will allow local governments greater flexibility and quicker project delivery while allowing us to effectively administer the program with a reduced workforce and new funding match requirements.  Click  to learn more about LMIG.

Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)

June 2011, the City of Atlanta and MARTA entered into an agreement to provide for transit related improvements in MARTA service areas.  By virtue of an action taken by the Atlanta Regional Commission, certain federal funds were transferred to MARTA, and in exchange MARTA committed to fund qualified projects contained in the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) from MARTA's capital budget for the installation of pedestrian accessibility and safety improvements in the public right of way near MARTA transit stations.

The City of Atlanta's share of MARTA funds in the form of grants totals $7.6M for pre-qualified transportation improvement projects listed as Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Ramps and Pedestrian Accessibility  & Safety Improvement Projects.  For a list of projects completed, planned or underway please contact the Capital Improvements Division at (404) 330-6739(404) 330-6739 or visit

Click to learn more about the MARTA funding reallocation for ADA projects.

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

SRTS is a program created by the federal transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU. The program's goal is to increase the number of children in grades K-8 who bicycle and walk to school. Safe Routes to School is a comprehensive program that includes the 5 Es:

1. Evaluation - Monitoring and researching outcomes and trends through the collection of data, including the collection of mode share before and after the program intervention(s)

2. Encouragement - Using events and activities to promote walking and bicycling

3. Education - Teaching the school community about the broad range of transportation choices, instructing them in important life-long safety skills and offering school-bound and school area driver safety campaigns

4. Engineering - Creating operational and physical improvements to the infrastructure surrounding schools that reduce speeds and establishing safer crosswalks, walkways, trails and bikeways

Thế giới cá 5. Enforcement - Partnering with local law enforcement to ensure drivers obey traffic laws, initiating community enforcement such as crossing guard programs and ensuring that policies are enforced

Metro Atlanta SRTS Projects

Fulton 0009442
Morningside Elementary School
Construction Bid Award: $491,993
Status: Constructed, open to the public
Fulton County Public Works

Fulton 0010015
Sandtown Elementary, Love Nolan Elementary, & Seaborn Lee Elementary
Construction Bid Award: $297,006
Status: Constructed, open to the public

Fulton 0010395
Atlanta Charter Middle & Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School
Current Cost Estimate: $500,000+
Status: Design Build Project
Target LET Date: To be determined

Georgia DOT Questions?

Please contact Emmanuella Myrthil, SRTS Coordinator at 404.635.2824404.635.2824 or

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