Park-for-Hire (Off-Street Public Parking)

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The City of Atlanta Office of Transportation requires that all parking facilities, charging for parking, obtain a Park-for-Hire permit. Park-for-Hire operators, or property owners that use their property as a Park-for-Hire facility, must obtain a Park-for-Hire permit prior to beginning operations. All Park-for-Hire facilities must follow the ordinance of 

Thế giới cáTo complete a park-for-hire application the following materials must be provided:

Permit Fees 

Application Fee: To apply for a Park-for-Hire Permit, a $100.00 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with a complete Park-for-Hire application.

All Park-for-Hire applications undergo a review of the submitted materials, an evaluation of the relevant zoning regulations by the Department of City Planning - Office of Buildings, and a safety inspection by the Department of Transportation.

Per Space Fee:Thế giới cá After preliminary approval of a Park-for-Hire application, the applicant must pay the space fees associated with each facility. Safe fees are provided below.

  • For parking facilities between 0 and 100 spaces, a fee of $3.00 per parking space or a maximum annual fee of $300.00.

  • For parking facilities between 101 and 200 spaces, a fee of $300.00 plus a fee of $1.50 for all parking spaces that exceed 100 parking spaces or a maximum fee of $450.00.

  • For parking facilities of 201 spaces or more, a fee of $550.00.

For Park-for-Hire permit related questions, contact the Office of Transportation by calling 404.330.6501 or by email.

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