Parking Administrative Review Program

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Welcome to the Office of Transportation Parking Administrative Review Program - Integrity is EverythingThế giới cá: The main purpose of the Parking Administrative Review Program is to provide additional oversight for citations issued by the ATLPlus program. Our Parking Review Examiners are committed to weeding out erroneous and invalid citations upholding only those that are accurate and just. The administrative investigation and review of contested citations contributes to the overall goal of discouraging illegal parking by enforcing parking regulations with a response that is accurate. The administrative investigation and review procedure contains requirements for an effective job specific SOP training program. Below is a detailed list of the systematic process that the Parking Administrative Review team conducts.

 The Parking Administrative Review Program serves several functions on a day-to-day basis, including, but not limited to:

  • Checking the validity of a Parking Citation
  • Extracting a Dismissed Citation Report
  • Extracting a Suspended Citation Report
  • Extracting a Void Citation Report
  • Extracting a Boot & Tow Report
  • Extracting a Violations Summary Report

 A Fair and Thorough Approach:Thế giới cá Every citizen has the right to appeal their citation and have their case reviewed by the processing agency staff, the City of Atlanta Administration Review Team, and finally the Municipal Court of Atlanta. Some citizens believe that the citation was issued in error or that there was a "good" reason for violating a regulation. Unfortunately, having a "good" reason does not necessarily exempt the citizens from responsibility for their actions. However, there are circumstances where the parker or registered owner may not be responsible for causing the violation to occur. When performing an administrative review, the general approach is to verify the facts by reviewing available evidence and, if necessary, conducting an investigation. Parking Administrative Review Program examiners are expected to verify the facts of each case and to come to a quick, fair and impartial decision. Not all cases are easy to review and not all citizens are satisfied with the outcome.

Quality Assurance: The Parking Administrative Review Program should provide a quality assurance check for contested citations. Citations that do not meet predefined standards are dismissed and citations that meet the standard are upheld.

ATLPlus Quality Assurance Review Process Thế giới cá– ATLPlus reviews all contested citations to determine if this citation is valid or invalid by ATLPlus standards:

  • ATLPlus Quality Assurance Review will be completed within 48 hours from a contested citation
  • If the citation is determined valid, the Recipient is contacted by ATLPlus and informed of their initial evaluation. They are given the option to make payment at that time.
    • All citations determined to be valid by ATLPlus are automatically transferred to the City of Atlanta Administrative Review Team.
    • If the Citation is determined to be invalid, the Recipient is contacted by ATLPlus and notified that their citation has been dismissed. No action is needed on the part of the Recipient.

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Customer Feedback 

If you have a question about general parking information, or would like clarification on the determination of a citation appeal, you can e-mail For general parking information, it is best read the Help & FAQ section , as the answer might be there already.

Lastly, please note that ‘Parking Feedback’ will only serve as a general parking inquiry. All citation appeals must follow the appeal process detailed .  

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