Right-of-Way Permit Requests

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Why do I need a permit to work in the public right-of-way?  When should I obtain a permit? How can I obtain a permit? The Department of Public Works Office of Transportation issues various permits for working in or blocking the public right-of-way.  Examples of such work may include installing or making repairs to a driveway apron or sidewalk; building a structure that requires a driveway apron; or tapping into an existing sewer/sanitary line.

Any disturbance to the public right of way requires a permit issued by the Office of Transportation. Right-of-Way Permits are required for lane and road closures as well as other activities in the public right of way.  Applicants may be referred for this type of permit through the Office of Transportation.



Right-of-Way Permit Application Requirements

Site Plan Review for Solid Waste Services

Right-of-Way Fee Schedule

Standard Details 

The details for working in the City of Atlanta's public right-of-way, outlined in this document, must be followed for all permitted work. For additional information, please contact 404-330-6501.

Public Right-of-Way Manual 

The Public Right of Way Manual is intended to serve as a reference to anyone needing general information regarding activities conducted under a permit, franchise agreement or special agreement within the City’s public right-of-way in the City of Atlanta (“City”). This manual is in its first edition and will be updated as necessary. It attempts to address typical issues and frequently asked questions. It does not include a discussion or information concerning every issue that may arise regarding the City’s public right-of-way. For additional information, please contact 404-330-6501.

ROW Dining Permit 

The City of Atlanta has a permit process for eating and drinking establishments to be able to create sidewalk dining spaces within the city's public right-of-way. If you are a licensed business operating in the city and interested in creating a sidewalk dining area, please review the documents below and submit an application to ROWDining@AtlantaGA.gov.  

Customer Relations

Thế giới cáHave you recently had a good experience with our team? Do you have concerns about a permit you recently obtained? We are continually seeking ways to improve our contractor relations and improve the permitting process. Please speak to a supervisor to voice any concerns or questions you may have. We value your comments in assisting us with providing exceptional service to you!

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