Office of Constituent Services

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The Mayor's Office of Constituent Services (OCS) acts as the Mayor's customer service center to the community, to ensure that residents are receiving City services in a timely, cost-efficient and satisfactory manner.

When residents of communities have an issue with a City agency or service, OCS acts as the go-between to voice concerns, resolve complaints and address any other issues that may arise.

Thế giới cáThe Office of Constituent Services will:

  • Attend community meetings and meet with citizens to keep them informed of City services and changes.
  • Provide community crisis intervention.
  • Network with social service agencies, communities, businesses and religious organizations to promote cooperation, creative initiatives and involvement with the City.
  • Develop community outreach projects to support and advocate for a higher quality of life for all residents of the City of Atlanta.


We're here to listen and help

Thế giới cáIf you need assistance with a neighborhood issue or have a problem involving a city department, please contact the OCS Quality Care Center at 404.330.6026 or call 3-1-1, Atlanta's primary phone number for government information and non-emergency services.


Contact Information

Office of Constituent Services 
55 Trinity Avenue, SW
Atlanta, Ga  30303
Tel: 404.330.6026
Fax: 404.658.7088


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