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Office of Enterprise Assets Management (OEAM)
City Hall Event/Meeting Room Reservations Process

Following is the process for reserving event/meeting spaces in City Hall. Effective, immediately, all reservations must be submitted electronically for the following City Hall meeting spaces. Also listed below are the outlook names.

Atrium @Atrium
Committee Room 1 @Committee Room 1
Committee Room 2 @Committee Room 2
City Council Chambers @City Council Chambers
Old Council Chambers (Auditorium) @Auditorium (Old Council Chambers)

To view and/or reserve these spaces, you must follow the instruction below:

Open a Shared Calendar in Outlook 2007
• Click the Calendar button on the Navigation Pane;
• Click the Open a Shared Calendar link on the Navigation Pane;
• Click the name button and select the name of the room (for example: @Atrium)
• Click Ok;
• The shared calendar will appear on your screen;
• Click the name of the calendar and view its contents.

Reserve Space
• Click the Calendar button on the Navigation Pane;
• Select your personal Calendar;
• Click New;
• Type in subject box (Title of your meeting or event);
• Date (click on arrow to choose date);
• Time (click on arrow to choose start time and end time);
• Type in the body of e-mail (Contact Person’s Name and Phone Number)
• Click on the Appointment Tab;
• Click on invite attendees (Please do not invite any attendees until your request
is approved). Once your meeting request has been approved you can open the
calendar event or meeting and forward it to your attendees;
• Click on To: (Type Outlook name/listed above, click on the resources button, and
place my name (Aretha Watts) in the required box then click ok (the location will
automatically appear in the location box).
• Click Send;
• When your meeting or event appears on the calendar that you requested, you have
successfully submitted your request.
• E-mail your event setup form & layout to awatts@atlantaga.gov.

OEAM has two ways to respond to a reservation request (1) Accept and (2) Decline

When you submit your request you will receive the auto reply message below. If your meeting or event is accepted additional information will follow. If your meeting or event is declined, a notice will be sent and you will need to choose another date and resubmit.

Auto Reply Message: Thank you for scheduling (room name) for your meeting or event. You will receive an e-mail notification from the Office of Enterprise Assets Management (OEAM) when your request is approved with additional details to follow. OEAM response time is 24 hours during normal business hours. Please be advised reservations are confirmed when you receive a Confirmation Notice from OEAM Customer Service.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new reservation process, please email Ms. Aretha Watts at awatts@atlantaga.gov. Thank you.

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