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Does My Production Require a Permit?

Though the Office of Entertainment keeps records of filming work happening in Atlanta, a permit is only required for certain filming activities.

The process and fees are different for student filmmakers than for other filmmakers. Please go to the student filmmaking page to learn more.

A filming permit may be required if your project includes any of the following:

  • Filming on public property
  • Filming requiring setup of barricades, street closure, lane closure, or sidewalk closure
  • Night-time filming in a residential area with the use of an outdoor light
  • Use of a temporary structure, such as a stage
  • Use of intellectual property belonging to the City
  • Pyrotechnics or other explosives
  • Smoke effects, water effects, or flame effects
  • Display of real or artificial firearms
  • Vehicle chases and/or crashes
  • Dangerous stunts
  • Use of any equipment that may cause damage to public property
  • Use of wild animals regulated by law

A filming permit is NOT required for filming on public property while exercising First Amendment rights. This means you are allowed to film rallies, protests, and demonstrations taking place on public property without first obtaining a filming permit.

If your production involves any of the elements mentioned above, it is prudent to call our office to discuss your needs further.

We may ask you to fill out an information sheet about your production, even if you do not need a filming permit. It contains basic information about your production: project name, budget, crew size, etc. Completing the form is not binding or a means of collecting fees of any kind; it simply allows the city to keep track of what productions are happening in town.

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