Office of Innovation Delivery and Performance

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Director | Matthew Bartleet

The Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Performance is charged with driving meaningful progress and tangible results on the Administration’s top priorities, in partnership with City departments and external partners. The Office houses the Budget and Performance Team, and the Special Projects and Innovation Team. 
The Budget and Performance Team works closely with City operating departments to drive improvements in performance by tracking more than 200 measurable areas of progress. These metrics include a wide range of City operations, such as fire and police services, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport operations, the City’s 311 Call Center, parks and recreation activities, permitting, and procurement. The team analyzes performance data to identify opportunities for making improvements in services provided to Atlanta residents through data-driven decision-making, business process efficiencies, and organizational strategies. After analyzing the metrics, the team partners with City departments to develop and support the successful implementation of sustainable solutions.
In partnership with the Department of Finance, the Budget and Performance team is responsible for coordinating input from City departments on the Mayor’s proposed operating budget. In addition, the team assists City departments with prioritizing their investments, contributing to high-value programs, and standardizing their spending requests. The team’s role also includes engaging with departments across the City to ensure that programs, facilities, and new initiatives have robust financial models that account for full lifecycle costs. This allows the City to identify the most critical needs across departments and provide a roadmap for ongoing investments over the coming years.
The Special Projects and Innovation Team manages large-scale and cross-departmental projects, externally-facing partnership initiatives, and grants. The team leads the development of creative approaches to delivering results on projects focused on addressing the Mayor’s priority initiatives. Projects are typically short-term, high-impact, with a focus on revenue for the City and improving operational efficiencies in City departments. The team works collaboratively with City departments and external partners to develop project plans, structure implementation plans, and offer support for successful delivery. Projects involve increasing the City of Atlanta’s fiscal stability by developing new revenue streams and cost-saving initiatives, improving business services, streamlining departmental operations, and policy development. The team works closely with all City departments in identifying needed areas of improvement, often in areas that include risk management and safety, sustainability, and technology. The team also writes and manages strategic, interdepartmental grants.
Projects the team has driven include development of a program to make critical improvements in the safety of drivers of City vehicles, managing an 18-month long grant to make significant in-roads in resident engagement and communication between City departments and residents of Atlanta’s Westside, and the development of new and useful technologies to make roads safer. In addition, the team has headed the streamlining of the application process for new business licenses and permits, assisted departments with prioritization of capital expenditures, and worked with departments to ensure they are prepared to deliver services to accommodate annexations of new neighborhoods into the City.

Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Mayor’s Office of Innovation Delivery & Performance
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 2400
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Matthew Bartleet
Director of Innovation & Performance 
Tel: (404) 330-6794
Keith Robinson
Deputy Director, Budget & Performance
Tel: (404) 330-6062

Amy Cornell 
Deputy Director, Special Projects and Innovation 
Tel: (404) 330-6915

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