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City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Resilience

Atlanta, both the city and metro region, has experienced explosive growth over the last few decades. While residents and new businesses alike are increasingly attracted to the region, a history of growth, intertwined with periods of suburban sprawl, segregation, and lack of investment in infrastructure and affordable housing, has left some residents behind. To become the city we envision, we work to address Atlanta’s resilience challenges while increasingly strengthening our communities. 

Thế giới cáWe support policy and programming that reflects a city in which all Atlantans have equal and equitable access to the resources, education, livable wages, and beyond-income-earning opportunities that will prepare them for success. This builds on the strengths of regional growth, diversity, and integration, while addressing key challenges that face the region. 

Resilient Atlanta Visions

  1. Preserve and enhance Metro Atlanta's culture, shared identity, and history.
  2. Reduce the barriers preventing Atlantans from achieving economic stability and security to increase access and reduce income inequality
  3. Facilitate the development of an equitable and inclusive city while preserving and expanding the natural environment.
  4. Adapt Atlanta's civic systems to become a leader in equity, sustainability, and resilience.

Resilient Atlanta Strategy

Resilient Atlanta includes a comprehensive and actionable set of Visions, Targets, and Actions that addresses the region’s most pressing stresses and seeks to build capacity among residents and city systems alike to better withstand future shocks. The Strategy is organized into four leading Visions which reflect residents’ and
stakeholders’ aspirations for Atlanta’s future.


100 Resilient Cities Network

Thế giới cáAtlanta joined the 100 Resilient Cities network as part of the third wave of cities selected in 2016, and through its participation, is committed to demonstrating global leadership in resilience and taking advantage of membership resources and opportunities. Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) is dedicated to helping cities around the world thrive and survive. 100RC aims not only to help individual cities become more resilient, but facilitates the building of a global practice of resilience among governments, NGOs, the private sector, and individual citizens.

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