For Impacted Communities: A Guide

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Office of Special Events

55 Trinity Ave.

Suite 2500

Atlanta, GA 30303


Tel: 404.330.6741










Part of what makes Atlanta such a great place to live is the variety of events to enjoy on any given day. The Mayor’s Office of Special Events (MOSE) works to ensure outdoor events are permitted to ensure the safety of event patrons and the surrounding communities. 

To find information on upcoming outdoor events in your neighborhood, please visit the MOSE master calendarThis calendar is a glance of all issued and pending outdoor event permits, including date, time, location and event contact information. 

Outdoor Festival applicants are required by city ordinance (Chapter 142-57) to appear before the NPU of the impacted neighborhood in which they will host their event. To learn about your NPU, please click here.


For outdoor festivals, applicants will receive a notice to appear before the NPU from the Office of Planning. The applicant is expected to attend the scheduled NPU meeting and present their event details to the NPU for a recommendation.  For assemblies and large gatherings, only written or emailed notification to the NPU and respective Council District is required. After receiving the outdoor festival application from the Office of Planning, the NPU is required to distribute the event details to the impacted residents (including civic & neighborhood associations). The NPU must make a recommendation to support OR not support outdoor festival based on the event details provided in the application. The recommendation of the NPU should be submitted to the Office of Planning immediately following the applicant’s appearance at the NPU. The Office of Planning will record the recommendation and forward it to the Mayor’s Office of Special Events to retain the recommendation and/or any comments in the applicant’s file.


If you would like to have a voice in recommending events in your neighborhood, you can get involved with your local NPU. Click here to find out more.

If you are having issues with noise or parking during a permitted event in your neighborhood, please visit the FAQ.

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