Assembly Permit Application

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Assembly Permit Guidelines and Application

An Assembly is a pre-planned event consisting of people, animals or vehicles, or any combination of the above moving towards a common destination or goal that requires temporarily closing or obstructing all or part of any street, sidewalk, or other public right of way.  


Assemblies meet at least two of the following three criteria:

(A)  Has greater than seventy-four people

(B) Travels for greater than two blocks

(C) Moving portion lasts for greater than one hour


Events are considered to be an Assembly:

  • Parade                                     
  • March
  • Race (walk, run, or bike)
  • Rally


Assembly permits include up to an hour of stationary activities, like speakers and awards ceremonies. When the stationary activity exceeds one hour, either an outdoor festival or large gathering permit is required in addition to the assembly permit. Assembly permits include the right to vend food, merchandise or services.

CHAPTER 142-81(1) "Where an outdoor festival or large gathering: i) has a discreet component that involves organized group movement from one location to another, and ii) the organized group movement meets the definition above of assembly, then the moving component alone shall be considered an assembly. The applicant must receive an outdoor festival permit or large gathering permit, as appropriate, for the non-moving component of the outdoor event, and an assembly permit for the moving component of the outdoor event."


A complete Assembly Permit Application should include:


  • Assembly Permit Application
  • $50.00 application fee if Assembly is 9,999 persons and under; $100 if Assembly is 10,000 persons or greater.
  • $100.00 refundable sanitation bond
    • Sanitation bonds are only required if you have NOT received an assembly permit in the last year or if your past history includes unsatisfactory sanitation plan.


Effective March 8, 2010, the Assembly Application must be completed with ALL required documents and attachments and submitted by mail or in person 30 days prior to the start date of the event. Incomplete applications submitted after the 30 day deadline will be denied.   Because the application fee must be submitted with the actual application, emailed and faxed application will not be accepted. Because the application fee must be submitted with the actual application, emailed and faxed application will not be accepted. 

The following events are not considered an “Assembly:”

  • Students going to and from school
  • A governmental agency acting within the scope of its agency

The above events do not require permits from the City of Atlanta


  • Funeral/Wedding processions
  • When the City street or sidewalk being closed is adjacent to property owned by another governmental entity, and/or owned by an accredited college or university, on which an event is occurring at approximately the same time that the City property is being closed. 

The above events require permission from Atlanta Police Department, Special Operations Section


Assembly Permit Application

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